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Your Heart Will Be Cut…in a good way

Photo Credit: Creative Commons - jasecd

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – jasecd

Sincere thanks to my friend and blogging mentor Michael Hyatt who shared this compelling video today over on his site.

It is a powerful reminder for all of us to be vigilant of the needs of those around us.

But, we’re not only to be passive watchers of those needs but active “engagers” to help meet those needs.

I hope this video cuts your heart as deeply as it did mine.

Question: Have you ever helped someone or been helped as portrayed in the video above?

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  1. Beautiful. It’s simple isn’t it? If we just become willing to be slightly “inconvenienced” And, the ironic thing…is that it’s those moments that turn out to be the moments we cherish most.

    • That’s the truth! While those “small moments” might seem inconsequential I too think that they can magnify over time as we view them in hindsight. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Carol Peterson says:

    Lovely video. I try to always keep my eyeballs open and set a goal to do 3 nice things for others every time I leave the house. Little things usually. It helps make doing things for others more natural. I’m still in training…(smile)

  3. It’s been a while for me – I’ll be on the look out for my next opportunity. It really feels great to help others in the way this video shows.

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