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Will This Mean the End of Facebook?


James Best Jr./The New York Times

In case you missed it on Tuesday, Google launched another attempt to out-friend Facebook. The service it launched is called Google+.

It looks and functions a lot like Facebook, but a key difference is that under the marketing banner of enhanced privacy it allows you to share status updates, photos, videos, links…etc with exclusive groups of friends – not the entire Internet or even your entire list of friends.

Currently if you click the “share” button on a Facebook posting, everybody in your friend list is notified. That’s one of the benefits of Facebook from an advertising and marketing standpoint is its viral potential and “word-of-mouth” referral capabilities – but it also raises privacy issues and other unintended consequences.

You can check out the full article here ->  NY Times Story About Google+

Question: Would you consider switching to Google+ or just adding it to your “social media” menu?

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