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Wedded Blissters – Part 1: Men Buy, Gals shop – Funny Movie Short

While you’re running about hitting all the Memorial Day sales this weekend, here’s a little video to keep in mind. It’s a mini-movie I made about the buying differences between men and women. I may start a series of these vignettes called “Wedded BlissTors” – that looks at the blisters couples incur on their way to marriage bliss. Let me know if you like this first installment!

  • Kim Constantino

    >HAHAHA! Very funny, husband!
    I think it's great! Another great phrase we women have for shopping is "Retail Therapy." It does take some time to really get those endorphins flowing, don't rush us! :)

  • Anonymous


    Love the video.

    Shopping vs Buying……ha ha ha.


  • Laura

    >That was hillarious Tor…except, in our household, I find the roles often reversed. My husband insists on checking out all the furniture stores for just the right thing / deal. I'm not fond of shopping till ya drop. Explain that!? haha

  • Dang

    >Best line:
    "The only thing you've ever killed was a bag of cool ranch Doritos".
    I'm a newbie blogger- love your set-up.

  • Rob Still

    >Hey Tor, this is funny, my wife and philosopher son laughed out loud. Mixing Keynsian economics and platonic – that's a riot.

    Thanks for Teen-faith download, and the tip on Blogrocket.

  • Jamie

    >Excellent portrayal of what must be an age-old issue. I used to sell handbags. I would have to convince women, usually with a combination of how much they were saving on the original price and a bonus coupon. With me, I would just have to say "she'll love it."

  • KellySinging

    >Love all the references that he needs air to his head! As with Laura, my husband and I play opposite roles in this, too. He's also our decorator. (Shhhh..don't tell anyone.) ;)

  • whatnot

    >Hilarious! "the 70's called and want the word davenport back". I almost spewed my coffee. Hope you do more of these!

  • torcon

    >@DME, thanks for the feedback!

  • torcon

    >@Laura, perhaps you all constitute another iteration of a non-traditional family ;-)

  • torcon

    >@Dang, I know…what's NOT to love about cool ranch Doritos???

  • torcon

    >@Rob, I'm completely stoked by your post!!! If tough to tell what's going to hit or miss sometimes – thanks for making my day!!!!

  • torcon

    >@Jamie, excellent perspective! Handbags…that must have been a tough racket?

  • torcon

    >@Kellysinging, wow – you're a lucky gal. I wish I knew how to decorate – we'd save thousands on our upcoming interior re-design!

  • torcon

    >@whatnot, thanks for the support – I'm going to try and bang out one of these every other week until they start getting stale, dumb or unfunny.