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Two Tim Tebow Videos Will Make You Smile

Tim Tebow - image courtesy Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It’s official. The starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos – Tim Tebow – is the most popular active athlete in America according to ESPN Radio today.

Tebow’s persona continues to grow following his stunning overtime victory to the perennial AFC playoff favorites, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This weekend, Team Tebow travels to Gillette Stadium to take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

As such I thought it was appropriate to share this entertaining mash-up of soundbites about Tim Tebow that were put to music by DJ Porter.

While I’m a fan of Tim Tebow and what he represents, I’m also a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan – still sulking after the stunning loss we suffered at the hands of the Broncos this past Sunday. I came across this video today that is a bit unsettling but extremely funny.

It’s a spoof of what it would have been like in Hitler’s bunker if he just found out about the Steelers losing to Tebow and the Broncos. For the record, I don’t think Hitler would have been a Steelers fan.

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  1. Smiling! although, i’m sorry to say, Tebow’s train is coming to an end this weekend in Foxboro.

  2. It’s nice to see Hitler take it on the chin one more time. Go Tebow!

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