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Too Prepared for Our Baby???

If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months, you’d know that we’re anxiously expecting our third child.

In fact, our newborn still has not yet arrived – and he’s nearly a week late. But while we’ve been waiting for him, we’ve been preparing for his arrival.

We’ve got the baby carrier and stroller travel system ready…






We’ve got the bases for the baby carrier mounted in both of our vehicles…











The nursery is ready and waiting to be occupied….






And there’s one more thing we’ve been doing as a family to prepare for our new arrival, check out this short video clip we made together….

Question: Anything else we can be doing while we wait for the baby to arrive?

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  1. theromanticvineyard says:

    Um, sleep? We’re not getting a lot of that around here, but it’s getting better. Stella is 5 days old today. Can’t wait to see your little man.

  2. Amass a small fortune? The one you will spend (gladly) helping this child find his special way in the world…

  3. Have you enrolled him in prep school yet?

  4. Amanda Sachs says:

    Hope he comes soon!! Good luck with everything!!

  5. You know you need some rest.

  6. As many people have pointed out already sleep. Changing the diaper, eating standing up (baby will be sleeping until you sit down to eat dinner. Baby will sleep until you sit down to do anything.) lol

  7. You can never be too prepared. Blessings to you and your family!

  8. I see you’re all going a little crazy waiting for the baby. Enjoy your time with the family that you have now, rested. Happy, tired changes are coming!

  9. Andrew Hight says:

    You can start up shifts for doing 10 loads of laundry a day and then make diaper change utility belts, making sure that you’ve got your changing times down to a few seconds so that you can catch that little boy pee from going everywhere, yet still have all the poop cleaned up. lol

  10. You can enjoy sleeping through the night, because that won’t be happening for a while… :) Congrats to you!

  11. ha, we have the same monkey changing pad! but we have a girl, so most of our monkey stuff has pink surrounding it! the biggest thing you can do is get sleep…because you wont get much when that kid comes out! im still trying to catch up!

  12. Oh, man. Having a third is soooo much easier than going from one to two.myou are ready. Got diapers and milk and love? You’re all set.

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