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Titanic Memorial Cruise and 5 Worse Ideas….

Titanic - image via Wikipedia Commons

Titanic Mania

April 15th marks the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated sailing and sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic, which rammed into an iceberg nearly a century ago.

Here are some interesting facts surrounding that horrific tragedy that you might have forgotten.

  • Of the 1517 people who perished in the sinking of the Titanic, only 306 bodies were recovered.
  • The largest percentage of survivors came from first class passengers.
  • Even though directions had been given for women and children to board the lifeboats first, a number of men were reported as survivors while a surprisingly large number of women and children perished in the disaster.
  • Most of the women and children lost in the sinking came from second and third class.

Again, this was a tragedy of epic scale.

A Truly Tasteless Travel Tour

So imagine my surprise when the Miles Morgan Travel agency announced its Titanic Memorial Cruise. This is not a post-April Fool’s joke.

Apparently, the cost of a single ticket on the 8-day cruise  ranges in price from $999-$2,999 with the excursion leaving New York City for Halifax, Nova Scotia [see map below].

Then the ship travels to the site in the Atlantic where the unthinkable sinking occurred, and then they turn the ship around and head back to NYC – thankfully skipping the distance the original Titanic cruised….to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

Route of the "Titanic Memorial Cruise" - image via www.titanicanniversarycruise.com

Now I may be a bit overly sensitive, but this memorial cruise idea seems a tad bit ill-conceived. As such, I’m curious as to what other possible ideas didn’t make the cut.

What’s Worse Than a Titanic Memorial Cruise???

So here are five other little travel excursions that they might have thought up but nixed because they were tackier and more exploitative than a Titanic Memorial Cruise.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Chicago River Boat Tour- nothing says “I Love You” like a smoking Tommy gun from Prohibition Chicago over a berry salad with champagne as you’re “taken down” the Windy City waterway.

Kent State University Shooting and Campus Tour – all the exuberance and turbulence of the 60’s recaptured for high school seniors considering this bucolic  Ohio campus, with each paid trip students get a free commemorative flack jacket.

Branch Davidian Bed & Breakfast Siege - the former compound of cult leader David Koresh in Waco, TX was renovated into a quaint B&B where actors dressed like ATF and FBI agents use jelly-filled squirt guns to coat the freshly-made biscuits each morning.

The Philadelphia Police Block Party and MOVE Organization Barbecue – this festive annual event (and savory barbecue) commemorates the 11 people who died, along with the 60 houses destroyed when police firebombed a MOVE house.

Hindenberg Disaster Hot Air Balloon Rides - the carnival like atmosphere of the original dirigible is recreated along with face-painting, fried dough and fire resistant balloon animals. The first 100 registrants get their very own “OH, THE HUMANITY” tee shirts!

Question: Are there any other events or travel packages that might be tackier than a Titanic Memorial Cruise?

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  1. Challenger Shuttle rides, anyone?

  2. Luana Krause says:

    Yikes! That is a bit freaky to say the least. I think I’ll pass. Not a big water nut anyway. Like my feet planted on terra firma.

  3. I don’t know what draws humanity to the stories of disaster but they always seem to be popular. Even a car accident on the side of the rode slows fellow motorists down. Now it would be different if they where to get out and offer help but that does not occur often. The Titanic event shows lack of respect for those who lost their lives.

  4. I do not know what is worse, the stupidity of such dealers or those who fall into their game?

  5. Um, Tor… some of those exist.
    There’s no accounting for the prurient interest of folks – or folks with way too much time and money on their hands…
    It also explains reality tv… (which is not reality folks- stop watching it and live it, instead!)

  6. Not a travel package, thankfully, but I remember a video game from a few years back that let you assassinate a virtual JFK from the school book depository.

  7. Wow! Thanks for putting me in touch with some really bad ideas! The Titanic Tour, REALLY? It could only be stranger if people actually took it and then demanded their money back when it didn’t sink. And, yes, my mind is now swimming with ideas that all fall in the Bad Taste Tours category. I’ll spare you this time.

  8. How about a guided tour of the American Civil Association building in Binghamton, New York, where 13 people were gunned down 3 years ago today. This would include the reception area where the shootings began and conclude with the spot where the gunman killed himself. Then everyone could go out to lunch in one of downtown Binghamton’s fine restaurants.

  9. I’ve been to a reenactment of the shoot out at the OK Corral. Does that compare? I think, to some extent, it makes history more real for people. There’s nothing worse than being so far away from history that you just can’t relate. Granted, you might not WANT to relate to such grizzly situations but, part of the impact of history is learning from the mistakes. Reading it in a book vs. seeing it “first” hand makes a world of difference.

    • Nicole, you bring up some excellent points – I guess my biggest issue with this memorial cruise is the exploitative cost. This particular travel agency seems to be only interested in capitalizing on a money grab and not history. That’s just my opinion of course….but I really appreciate you sharing yours!

  10. Yes, the Titanic Cruise sounds about as attractive as the Barf Bag Diner or the Crasher Minevan.

  11. Teresa Beeman says:

    I agree. What would be the point in any of these you’ve listed? I’m in favor of finding things to celebrate. There are plenty of those, and we don’t have to look very hard to find them.

  12. This is the funniest thing that I have read all day. I don’t find all of the terrible tragic events funny of course. It was the way that you described each one in the tacky commercial way that people could profit from it that made me laugh. You could certainly mention the anniversary of the bubonic plague or any other pandemic for that matter. I imagine that people have already done that, but who knows?

  13. Madonna Robinson says:

    I think you’ve covered them all. It is tacky but it’s probably booked out. Some people are like that.

  14. Wow, those are some …interesting… ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. Jessica Smith says:

    I can’t believe some of these things exist!! You certainly won’t find me on a Titanic Memorial Cruise!

  16. AnnMullen says:

    What a colossally stupid idea. Yours at least are funny. I’ll bet you could keep that up for hours. The Hindenburg Tragedy Hot Air Balloon Rides are a cool idea. You should pitch it to Miles Morgan Travel Agency. Very funny, Tor.

  17. Columbine Library card drive.

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