Things to Remember When Purchasing Custom Embroidered Patches in Bulk

In most cases, it is better to purchase custom embroidered patches in bulk. One of the best advantages of doing so is being able to opt out of the hassle. You will not have to be troubled with placing orders again and again each time you will need more of the same product with the same design. It is best to simply place a bulk order if you are on the same situation. However, there are a few things to remember before purchasing custom patches in bulk.

Determine the Price of Each Patch

Calculating the prices of each embroidered patch in your bulk order is important especially if you are planning to outsource them. Of course, you would want to have them at the lowest cost possible. There are two ways to do so. You can either check the detailed pricing we have on our site or simply give us a call or email to get a free quote. Our will handle your inquiries. There is no need to prepare a photo of the design that you want us to apply on your custom embroidered patches. The requirement when it comes to the design is simple and that is just to know the things you want to be placed on your patches and how you want your message to be relayed.



The design of the embroidered patches is one of the important things that can affect the prices of your bulk orders. This is the reason why you have to decide how you want them to look like ahead of time so you can provide us specific details. We can provide you suggestions on how to improve the designs according to the purpose of the patches and to your budget. We can easily adjust certain aspects to meet your requirements.

Add-on prices

Custom patches have certain features that have various customization options. Their border is one of the aspects that are commonly modified according to the discretion of our clients. There are lots of border types to choose from and each of them can significantly affect the looks of your patches.Different border types vary when it comes to pricing. This is one of the things to consider when choosing which one to apply.

There are also patches that have many colors. We continually receive these kinds of orders. You should know though that the number of colors usually offered by manufacturers is just limited. If your designs have more colors than the limit, then you should opt to buy those additional thread colors since they will only be available as an add-on. In most cases, it is better to apply a limited number of colors to be certain that your patches will be clear and clean. The goal is not only to create a design that is noticeable but one that can also convey the messages of the patches with ease.

The backings of the patches you are planning to purchase are also a feature that you actually have lots of customization options.The standard options that are usually given for free are the adhesive backing and the no backing option. If you opt to order patches with no backings, you simply have to sew them onto the garments. The adhesive or iron on backing can provide a more easy way of attachment. However, the adhesives provided on this backing option are commonly weak and can only last for a few washes. There is a stronger type of adhesive though but if you opt for it, it will be considered as an add-on. There are more backings available on our store.

Custom Embroidered Patches

Add-ons can increase the prices of each embroidered patch just a bit. However, if you are planning to purchase in bulk, this cost will spike up on the total prices of your bulk orders. This is the reason why it is important to be certain that the add-ons you are planning to apply to your custom embroidered patches will not cause the prices of your bulk orders to propel higher than your budget.

Bulk buying can provide lots of advantages and can help save time, money and effort. This is the reason why lots of people opt to purchase in bulk. It is not a disadvantage to have many add-ons on your orders. Keep in mind that they are essential to improve the designs of your patches.

There is no need to worry about getting higher than your budget though if you opt to purchase from us since we can provide you a free quote before you place your orders. This can help both of us to save time and effort. You can also calculate the cost of your orders by your own through the pricing table we have on our official website. Contact us today so you can check our sample custom embroidered patches.

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