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The Vision of Faith

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – a_cubagallery

This past weekend I saw a powerful locker room speech delivered by NFL head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano.

The set-up for the video below is important – so bear with me.

In January, Pagano took over the leadership roll of the hapless Colts who managed to win only two games last season and lost 14.

Their star quarterback Peyton Manning sat on the bench recovering from a series of neck surgeries.

During the off-season, the Colts traded Manning and recruited college phenom from Stanford, Andrew Luck as Manning’s replacement.

A few months ago, Pagano took a forced leave from his first head coaching  job due to a leukemia diagnosis.

Every football “expert and analyst” gave the rookie head coach, rookie quarterback and rebuilding Colts little chance of success this year.

However, halfway into this season with five wins, three losses and one cancer diagnosis of the blood/bone marrow later – Pagano left his hospital bed and chemo treatments to talk to his team in the locker room after another Sunday victory.

As a father of two girls, Pagano’s remarks resonate with me. What father doesn’t have a positive vision of his daughters’ wedding day and future  happiness?

But the power of his message is that he’s looking beyond his current circumstances, painful treatment and cancer diagnosis toward something better.

While Pagano calls this ability to see beyond his circumstances as “living in vision” – others call it faith. Consider this ancient definition of faith:

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. ~ Hebrews 11:1

All of us face difficult circumstances, devastating loss and hardships in this life – some are still putting their lives back together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Regardless of the personal tribulation or trial, faith is an elemental power that can both push and pull us through to the other side of the present darkness.

Some may scoff at the power of faith or “vision” as nothing more than foolish wishing – but I’m certain that even the staunchest critics would have been silent and teary-eyed in coach Pagano’s locker room this past Sunday.

That’s the power and vision of faith.

Question: How has faith helped move you through a tough time in your life? 

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  1. Great message, Tor…

  2. Very good message. Was just grappling with this, or rather its inverse in something I was working on late last night: what happens when we return from the mountaintop? Have we kept enough of it with us when we walk through the valley? It’s all too easy to lose sight when the focus continuously falls upon the merely urgent.

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