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The Cost of Educating a President

I haven’t written about the current presidential election because I’m fairly underwhelmed by both options.

Regardless, we’re a week away from a national vote that will impact this nation for the next four years and beyond.

Putting aside all policy positions and platforms, I found an interesting infographic from degreejungle.com that looks at the cost of educating President Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

This is a fascinating comparison that should inspire any parent to encourage their kids to stay in school and the value of education in the lives of their children.

This is fascinating, because the educational trajectory of these two men will affect all of us as a nation. That’s the power of education and staying in school.

Question: How important a role did education play in your life or the life of your family?

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  1. I think the price for Columbia is off by a lot. Nevertheless, the costs for education are staggering. I had one child attend public school throughout- until Columbia. The other four attended public school for just a few years, and then private school. When there were three in college (one on full tuition scholarship) and two in private school, the tuition that year alone would astound most… (and impoverish many).
    To me, it was more amazing, since I had the blessing (and opportunity) to never pay for college or grad school. What a difference that makes….
    Education is better than MasterCard- it prepares you for life, and as expensive as it is, it is priceless!

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