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The $5.37 “Caption This” Photo Contest: Vol. 14

It’s another installment of the lowest-cash-award-for-a-photo-caption-contest on the Internet, the $5.37 Caption This Contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered the most recent iteration of the contest  last week.

The winner of last week’s iteration was Melinda Todd with her geniusly pithy and funny caption below.

Ahhh….holy split!!!

Congratulations to the victor – who can message me at Facebook or on Twitter with an appropriate email address.

That will allow me to send the incredibly confounding $5.37 cash prize via Paypal or as an Amazon e-gift card.

For everyone else who didn’t win the “Caption This” Contest – please don’t be discouraged and take heart because it’s time for another round. Here are the rules!

Periodically, I’ll post some kind of amusing, ironic or ambiguous photo that you’re then invited to develop a caption for in the comment section below.

  • Captions will be accepted until the next image is posted, at which time I’ll also announce the previous contest winner.
  • The creator of the funniest, caption will receive an Amazon e-gift card or Paypal deposit for the princely sum of $5.37.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like but each entry must be a separate comment.

As background, why such a randomly specific cash prize you ask??? I allowed my 8-year old the option of selecting the prize amount – up to $10.00 – and $5.37 was the number she chose (go figure).

Here’s this week’s caption image – good luck!!!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – geekabouttoexplode


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  1. OK, look away and tell me if you can feel when he bites.

  2. I dare you to pull my finger!

  3. Friendship. Because sometimes just being there making shaddow puppets on his bare chest while he daydreams by the pool is all he needs to know you care.

  4. It was all fun and games, until the cat decided to attack.

  5. Idiot! I don’t know sign language.


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