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The $5.37 “Caption This” Contest: Vol. 10

Welcome to another edition of the lowest-cash-award-for-a-photo-caption-contest on the Internet, the $5.37 Caption This Contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered the most recent iteration of the contest last week.

There were so many incredible  entries this time, that I actually submitted the entries as one of the questions on last night’s presidential debate – you may have missed that individual issue.

The topic was discussed in the green room before both candidates took the stage – the hotly contested issue was run in its entirety on C-SPAN (that might be a complete lie). Ironically, both candidates agreed on the winning caption (at least that’s the fiction I like to tell myself).

The bi-partisan winner of the $5.37 Caption This Photo Contest is Maria Cowell (a.k.a hipmamamedia), check out her caption below.

“If I were getting married in Europe I wouldn’t need to do this and the wine would be French.”

Congratulations to the victor – who can message me at Facebook or on Twitter with an appropriate email address.

That will allow me to send the incredibly generous $5.37 cash prize via Paypal or as an Amazon e-gift card.

For everyone else who didn’t win the “Caption This” Contest – please don’t be discouraged and take heart because it’s time for another round. Here are the rules!

On Fridays (or when I feel like it) I’ll post some kind of amusing, ironic or ambiguous photo that you’re then invited to develop a caption for in the comment section below.

  • Captions will be accepted until the next image is posted, at which time I’ll also announce the previous contest winner.
  • The creator of the funniest, caption will receive an Amazon e-gift card or Paypal deposit for the princely sum of $5.37.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like but each entry must be a separate comment.

As background, why such a randomly specific cash prize you ask???

I allowed my 8-year old the option of selecting the prize amount – up to $10.00 – and $5.37 was the number she chose (go figure).

Here’s this week’s caption image – good luck!!!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Steven Coen

  • JJS

    Why can’t we just drive over the railroad tracks to get labor started like everyone else.

  • http://realjoeknight.wordpress.com/ Joe Knight


  • shawn

    When they said labor I was thinking of something totally different!

  • http://www.toodarnhappy.com/ Kim Hall

    Honey, are you sure this is what the doctor recommended to get things rolling?

  • http://www.michelleshaeffer.com Michelle Shaeffer

    I’m never witty enough to come up with captions for these, but just wanted to say I love them and especially enjoy laughing through the comments! :)

  • http://www.ramblingbarba.com Ken Hagerman

    Cletus thought it was a fair trade for gettin em out of the Park and into a house without wheels.

  • http://randomlychad.com Chad Jones

    “Honey, fix you a sandwich when I’m done mowing?”

    “When y’all are done playin’ wit’ Honey Boo-Boo, y’uns wun sum grub?”

    They call me OctoMow.

    • http://www.thedailyretort.com/ TorConstantino

      Chad, just wanted to let you know that you were the winner of this week’s contest – let me know if you’d like the award via PayPal or Amazon!

      • http://randomlychad.com Chad Jones

        Cool, Tor!


  • Lori Waters

    This mower may be 28 weeks, but I’m not going to wait another 12 weeks in this heat.