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The Economics of Candy Trading

I've written about the best and worst candies before - been there, done that. But I'm in awe of this geniusly-funny satirical look at candy trading in the aftermath of Halloween, which spoofs classic economic theory as a way to maximize your confection capital. It was the funniest three minutes of my past week, and my funny bone is indebted to my friend Esther Buzzell for sharing this video - you won't be disappointed! Question: How long will you keep Halloween candy in your house? … [Read more...]

Halloween by the Numbers…

As a kid growing up, Halloween was second to Christmas as my favorite holiday. For years, the idea of dressing up as the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin and getting free candy made me so anxious the night before that I couldn't sleep. As I grew older, my fandom of Halloween waned through my teen years and 20's because of a near-blinding accident that occurred to me when I got hit in the eye by an egg that ruptured the iris in my left eye - no joke. Since then I couldn't care less … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With Halloween Munchkins

[EdiTOR's Note: This is a Halloween-edition guest post that has some useful tips for family's heading out on All Hallow's Eve. I'm not being compensated in any way for running this article - I simply thought it was a cool idea.] When the kids are really young, trick-or-treating on Halloween is pretty simple. All you have to do is dress the kid’s in cute little monster costumes, load them in their favorite red wagon and slowly pull them along the sidewalk. It’s simple to talk to other … [Read more...]

10 WORST Halloween treats

[EdiTOR's Note: This is an updated re-post from a previous Halloween, but the reality is that this list has not changed.] Our neighborhood is GREAT for Halloween trick-or-treating. It’s well lit with sidewalks and tons of families with kids. So this weekend (despite the pending onslaught from Hurricane Sandy), we bought Halloween candy in preparation of the upcoming spooky fete – here’s a tip all the REALLY good candy is given out at our house (e.g. full-size Snickers, Reese’s PB cups, … [Read more...]