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Avoiding Cyber-Monday Scams

I don't know about you, but I'm an unrepentant self-admitted Cyber-Monday shopper. I simply prefer the convenience of shopping online for the holidays compared to the crowds and hassles associated with Black Friday which I try to avoid like the Black Plague. However, online shopping does have its own pitfalls - identity theft, computer hacking and compromised debit cards are just a few. Here's a useful infographic from the folks at Veracode that offers some insight into how consumers … [Read more...]

Need a Laugh???

I've never been a fan of pranks or practical jokes, because they often can be cruel and get out of control quickly. Having said that, I do enjoy some of the stunts that the gang at Mediocre Films pull off. Below are two examples that poke fun at fast food restaurants and K-Mart respectively. The videos are clever, simple, yet exceptionally funny and still clean - which is becoming more and more rare. The first video features a guy (Greg Benson) using a megaphone to order food at a drive … [Read more...]