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Avoiding Cyber-Monday Scams

I don't know about you, but I'm an unrepentant self-admitted Cyber-Monday shopper. I simply prefer the convenience of shopping online for the holidays compared to the crowds and hassles associated with Black Friday which I try to avoid like the Black Plague. However, online shopping does have its own pitfalls - identity theft, computer hacking and compromised debit cards are just a few. Here's a useful infographic from the folks at Veracode that offers some insight into how consumers … [Read more...]

3 Things Parents Need to Stop Doing

Our two oldest daughters will begin another school year in just a couple of weeks. With that comes the annual ritual of obligatory school clothes shopping. Our girls are ages eight and ten respectively - clearly falling within the coveted marketing group called "tweens." Purchasing Power of Tweens Believe it or not, these youngster girls number more than 20 million in the U.S. and have an estimated buying power of more than $40 billion collectively. That number gets quadrupled by … [Read more...]

Need a Laugh???

I've never been a fan of pranks or practical jokes, because they often can be cruel and get out of control quickly. Having said that, I do enjoy some of the stunts that the gang at Mediocre Films pull off. Below are two examples that poke fun at fast food restaurants and K-Mart respectively. The videos are clever, simple, yet exceptionally funny and still clean - which is becoming more and more rare. The first video features a guy (Greg Benson) using a megaphone to order food at a drive … [Read more...]