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4 Tips to Help Your College Kids Cope

This is a guest post from Mariana Ashley who's a blogger and freelance writer for www.onlinecolleges.net. She offers advice for choosing the perfect online program for prospective students and parents, welcoming comments at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com. If you'd like to write for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines here: ====================== Heading into the New Year, colleges across the nation are reporting a rise in mental health cases. Depression leads the pack of … [Read more...]

Uniting Church and State via a Sneeze

Students across the country are preparing to return to schools and colleges in the coming weeks. Whether you agree with it or not, the rights of faith-based student organizations face increasing pressure under the oft-touted shield that separates church and state in this country. Yesterday, I stumbled upon this story that I'd never heard before that provided a unique twist on the debate of church versus state. This excerpt has been vetted and verified by the fine folks over at … [Read more...]

4 Ancient Leadership Lessons

I'd like to welcome new visitors who may have found this blog via my guest post today over on Michael Hyatt's site. This particular piece below is a re-posting of something I wrote back in April. A few months ago, I wrote a post about 5 Ancient Leadership Mistakes which explored five leadership shortfalls of the Israelite  Moses. You may recall that Moses lived nearly 3,400 years ago and is credited with leading the Hebrew nation out of Egyptian slavery. In that companion post,  it … [Read more...]

A Great Leader Remembered and Honored

Tomorrow is a public memorial service for Watergate figure and prisoner-rights advocate Chuck Colson. Here's an excerpt from an article I wrote that's featured today on CNN iReport. =========================== There are two things that well-mannered, civil individuals are never to bring up in mixed conversation – politics and religion. Former White House aide, convicted felon and founder of the non-profit Prison Fellowship, Charles (Chuck) Colson, apparently missed that particular … [Read more...]

When Trust Dies, Who’s to Blame?

I subscribe to a niche news feed service that sends me press releases and updates regarding religion and faith-based issues. Earlier this week, I saw a press release regarding pastors, priests and rabbis who have abandoned their faith for an atheistic lifestyle. I'm not surprised when religious leaders experience doubt and question lifelong traditions they've followed. Faithful followers from Moses through Mother Teresa have expressed doubts regarding their beliefs and have written … [Read more...]

How Sin Mirrors HIV

Today I have an article featured on the Life section of Provoketive Magazine online. Provoketive is a great site that takes an unconventional look at issues of faith. My piece addresses the under-reported medical fact that HIV doesn't actually kill people - it merely allows other bacteria, viruses or infections to do the actual killing. That pattern is ironically similar to sin. Here's an excerpt from How Sin Mirrors HIV: ========================= Death Lives Within Us We all know … [Read more...]

Easter Told Via Social Media

This video has been making the rounds during the past few days. It's one of the better The Story of Easter Told Through Social Networking from neids on GodTube.   <meta name="yousaytoo" content="5ln8e7u5dlwdnzw7em5dfhsl2bq9x6p" /> … [Read more...]

My On-Air Debate With a CBS Radio Host…

On Thursday, January 6th I had the opportunity to be interviewed by news/talk show host Tommy Mischke on WCCO 830AM - the 50,000 watt, CBS talk radio affiliate in Minneapolis - about my book A Question of Faith.  Because of the station's strong signal, the "Mischke at Midnight" program can be heard in 22 states. The entire interview with me was roughly 30 minutes long and at times it got heated in the congeanel, feisty manner, that's akin to a heated political debate you may have had with … [Read more...]