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As a Father – Are You a Pig or a Chicken

Being called a “Pig” or “Chicken” might constitute fightin’ words for most men, since neither term is a particularly endearing moniker for manliness or fatherhood. Normally, each word is viewed negatively, but a recent conversation with one of my daughters changed my thinking on both terms --- especially regarding parenting. Being called a “Pig” or “Chicken” might usually constitute fightin’ words for most men since neither term is a particularly endearing moniker for manliness or … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Bond With Your Kids

Few things are more important in life than the bond you share with your children. If you lack a close relationship with your kids, the bond can be a source of pain and anguish, while a strong connection with your kids can bring incredible joy and happiness. If you've lost the closeness that you crave, you can strengthen the relationship in four practical ways. Help Them With Homework Help your children with their homework to show them that you're interested in their education. This also … [Read more...]

4 Life-Changing Reasons Why You Should Have a Baby Journal

“…I don’t think it means what you think it means” - Inigo Montoya, From the Princess Bride There is a bit of confusion it would seem, in some of the more common expressions around parenthood. Before the birth of our son, my wife and I would always hear the comment: “Our child is the center of our world.” This sure sounds sweet and endearing, right? Guess what. It’s not. It is a cold, hard fact. After the arrival of our little bundle of joy, he is the center of our world. And boy, … [Read more...]

Role of Kids in Your Family Life

Here’s a guest post from writer, Sophie Samuel. If you’d like to write a guest post for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines here: Children are an integral part of a family and a home. A newly married couple waits anxiously for the birth of their first child and for more thereafter. We all love sound of little feet running around the house, the mischief and prank, the unbridled laughter and so many other joys that only kids can give. Now what exactly is the role of kids in your … [Read more...]

The Joy of a Laughing Baby

There is something magical about a baby laughing - especially when it's your own. On Friday evening, we were sitting in the living room with our three kids ages 11 and 8 years along with our newborn of four months. Our boy was on my lap while I was twirling one of his toys in mid-air and he was laughing to beat the band. I tried to finagle my iPhone out and record some of his jovial sounds, the :60 seconds below is what I captured. I just wanted to share a few moments of this … [Read more...]

A Funny Parenting Rap (because it’s true)

One of the best things about family is the fact that it serves as a never-ending stream of laughs and funny material - as well as an instant audience for both parents and kids. The link below is to an entertaining rap about the joys, pitfalls and pratfalls of parenting. If you are a parent (or even had parents) there are some funky lyrics in this rap that should be able to relate to. Additionally, one of the things that's so appealing to me about this type of video is that the jokey … [Read more...]

Great Expectations (as a parent)

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an online writing acquaintance of mine, Erin Hatton. She's a blogger and fiction writer, other details about her are listed below but the most important factoid is that she's a mother of four kids. She writes about expectations of parents for themselves and their children - a topic that I've written about before - but Erin has a unique perspective. If you’d like to submit a guest post yourself, here are … [Read more...]

When Your Child has Cancer…

Our sweet Sarah was just six when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.  Our family's world was shaken.  Our foundations were rocked.  Our grief was incalculable. Life and Death in a Song One day shortly after Sarah's diagnosis, I was running some errands and listening to the radio when a song called Untitled Hymn started playing. It beautifully described all the different chapters we go through in life and finished up with a verse about the end of life. It closed with the words, … [Read more...]

Theology is no Substitute for Waiting Under an Oak

I have an eight-year-old son now. He’s skinny, like I was. He’s (mostly) gentle, a rule follower, and he prefers playing with Legos by himself in his bedroom and please stay out unless you are offering food. Check, check and check – just like I used to be. Practicing the Ritual of Waiting I remember late on Saturday afternoons, when I was his age, I would hear my dad shouting out of the farmhouse. His voice moved like a ripple. I scrambled toward the house as fast as I could, grabbed … [Read more...]

No More Mr. Nice Guy

One of the reasons I love being married is that I don't have to play the dating game anymore. I won. However, there was a time when I thought I would die alone and wrinkly. As a rehabilitated "nice guy" I'm here to offer some hope for anyone stuck in the dating morass. Nice Guy Syndrome First, some quick background. I grew up with military parents, strict discipline, attended church and was raised to be chivalrous. You know, holding doors, pulling out chairs and all that - a modern … [Read more...]