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The Cost of Educating a President

I haven't written about the current presidential election because I'm fairly underwhelmed by both options. Regardless, we're a week away from a national vote that will impact this nation for the next four years and beyond. Putting aside all policy positions and platforms, I found an interesting infographic from degreejungle.com that looks at the cost of educating President Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. This is a fascinating comparison that should inspire any … [Read more...]

10 Places Beach Balls Are Not Welcome

We had beautiful weather this weekend in the Mid-Atlantic region, and after our Mother's Day festivities yesterday I went for a seven mile run. One of the things I saw was a group of kids playing with a beach ball - trying to keep it off the ground - at a birthday party in a park near our home. It got me thinking of concerts I attended in college, when I worked the ticket booth at an amphitheater. Every show, someone felt it was their duty to bring a beach ball to the event and start … [Read more...]