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Why People Can’t Stand Christians…

Over the holidays we spent time with some close family friends, and one of the topics that came up during our conversation was a seemingly growing distaste for Christians and Christianity in general. Through our discussion, it was obvious that the reasons for this perception are legion. However, one of the examples given during the talk shined a stark light on the issue. A Tale of Two Speakers One of the individuals participating in our discussion had attended a series of talks at Harvard … [Read more...]

Slowing Down in an Accelerating World

I don’t know about you, but I can get worked up about things very easily. Whether it’s the cares of life, pursuit of wealth or desires for other things – I unintentionally let external craziness mangle my attempts to maintain internal calm. So every morning, I try to read or focus on something that will help me keep my peace in place – for at least a little while. This morning I read a passage in a book by author Philip Yancey that truly inspired me to S…L…O…W... down, like nothing else … [Read more...]