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7 Questions With an Author: Frank Viola

This post marks another installment of my “7 Questions With an Author…” series, where I ask published authors an unchanging set of questions and share their responses here. Today’s featured author is Frank Viola. Frank is a highly-sought speaker and an incredibly prolific writer with 12 published books so far. His web blog frankviola.org is one of the Top 10 Christian blogs on the Internet. His latest book is God's Favorite Place and today is the LAST day to buy a copy of his book and … [Read more...]

When Do You Stop Cutting the Crust?

Our oldest daughter is now 11 years old, which seems hard to belief, and is in the sixth grade. Her school bus arrives at 7:30 a.m.  each day - much earlier than the elementary kids' bus she used to ride at 8:50 a.m. So every morning she and I are up around the same time to start our routines for our respective days. Part of her routine is making her own lunch and breakfast. But periodically she'll get jammed up with her other responsibilities (e.g. deciding to shower in the morning … [Read more...]

Glimpses of God Through a Messy Diaper

Our son is just more than three months old. Every day his personality emerges a bit more as he masters or starts to develop some new skill. By new skill I mean giggling, cooing, rolling over to his back, holding his head up or keenly following an object with his eyes. As parents we are constantly on the lookout for all of those developmental firsts. For instance, with our first two daughters we have captured on video their very first, unaided footsteps - and we intend to capture that … [Read more...]

5 Facts About Loss

I was missing my parents a lot this past weekend. That's despite the fact that it's been more than six years since my dad died and nearly nine years since my mom passed away. Even though I'm a grown man with a family of my own, the loss of my parents still lingers and seems to sneak up on me in unexpected ways. However, during these past several years, I've come to realize a few facts about loss: 1. Loss Happens to Us All During our lives, each of us will experience the pain and … [Read more...]

The Boy Left Behind at a Funeral Home

EdiTOR's Note: Whether you're dead, not dead or undead - funeral homes are no fun. But I'm thrilled to share this guest post about a funny funeral home memory from blogging buddy Clay Morgan. Clay is launching his new book this week Undead: Revived, Resuscitated, and Reborn and the story below is adapted from the book - which I just bought and will review here in the coming weeks. Check out more of Clay's witty and insightful writing at ClayWrites.com. My family accidentally left me at … [Read more...]

How Sin Mirrors HIV

Today I have an article featured on the Life section of Provoketive Magazine online. Provoketive is a great site that takes an unconventional look at issues of faith. My piece addresses the under-reported medical fact that HIV doesn't actually kill people - it merely allows other bacteria, viruses or infections to do the actual killing. That pattern is ironically similar to sin. Here's an excerpt from How Sin Mirrors HIV: ========================= Death Lives Within Us We all know … [Read more...]

Fairness is Overrated…

For the past few decades, the big trend in corporate America has been “pay for performance.” In other words, the more you do on the job or the better your results for the organization – the greater your compensation. The underlying idea of this trend has been a fundamental component of capitalism since its inception. For example, the more a sales representative sells, the higher their bonus. When a professional athlete performs exceptionally on the field, court, track or ice, their … [Read more...]

Golf, God and Free Will

I'm horrible at golf. I'm horrible, despite the fact that I took 12 private lessons from a golf pro when I first started so I could learn to play the correct way. Even though I didn't have any preexisting bad habits that the coach had to break, his best efforts only improved my game enough to ensure that I'll continue trying to play and practice until I can't swing a club. Despite my horrible golfing ability, I still enjoy playing. One of the interesting things about golf is that the … [Read more...]