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Don’t Know Much About Geography???

I'm the first to admit that I slept through most of the geography classes I've "taken" throughout my academic career. [EdiTOR's Note: I use the word "taken" in the loosest sense of the term since that implies retention of knowledge on my part, which is not the case.] I'm not proud of that fact - I'm just being honest. That's why I'm amazed by those individuals who know can pinpoint Timbuktu or Kathmandu on a globe or those who can easily answer questions in the geography category of … [Read more...]

Ultra-Cool Learning Tool: Magnifying the Universe

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to one of the coolest web sites I've seen in a long time. It's called "Magnifying the Universe" - and it does exactly what it describes. You can click on the link I've embedded below or the site link here. Take your computer mouse and click on any of the nine categories listed to begin, then click on the blue ball along the timeline on the bottom of the screen. Move the mouse to the right to zoom in all the way to see a the components of an atom … [Read more...]