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Perhaps You’re Fiddling With the Wrong Thing

Earlier this summer we had a stretch of several days of hot, humid weather laced with heat indexes of more than 100 degrees. The builders of our home installed two separate air conditioning (AC) condenser units in our home - one in the basement for our first floor comfort and the other in our attic for our bedrooms. During the peak of the hot spell, the unit upstairs stopped working. We have a programmable thermostat for each AC system [see photo insert]; however, the previous owners of … [Read more...]

3 Lenses of a Visionary Leader – My Guest Post for Michael Hyatt

Over the past year, I've had the privilege of guest posting a few times on the web site for Michael Hyatt, the chairman of Thomas Nelson publishing. Michael's blog is the most popular leadership site in the world. Additionally, he just added me as one of his Community Leaders to interact with commenters and visitors to his site. This is a tremendous honor due to the high regard in which I hold Michael's mission, leadership and character. Today, I have a guest post on his site as well … [Read more...]

My Guest Post on ProBlogger Today…

I've got a guest post today on one of the most popular blogging sites on the web - ProBlogger.  My piece addresses the topic of writing to deadlines. Here's an excerpt: The old cliché, “time is money” is particularly true for any professional writer—especially when you’re on deadline. The consequences of missing deadlines are lost money, work, and credibility. As a former journalist (a.k.a hourly deadline writer) for more than a decade, I know that deadline writing is a skill that can be … [Read more...]