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One Thing Good Speakers do to Become Great

This past week I've attended a pair of communication conferences, the Launch and SCORRE Conferences respectively. The conferences introduced a novel way to organize information using the SCORRE methodology.  Then attendees were challenged to convey that information in a presentation that gets recorded and critiqued in a small group. This recording and critiquing process is a tactic that good communicators use to become better at public speaking. I've been making periodic video blogs … [Read more...]

An Ending and a Beginning – all on the same day

Yesterday afternoon marked the end of the Launch Conference that I've been attending since Sunday. It has truly been a tremendous learning experience. The video blog below marks my third installment of the trip and I recorded it late yesterday afternoon. I talk about the close of the Launch Conference and the start of the SCORRE Conference, which was just about to get underway when I made the video. EdiTOR's Note: Please be advised, I tried a little "motion effect" in the video that … [Read more...]

Have No Fear – How to SCORRE as a Speaker

The fact remains that one of the top fears that people have - even more than the fear of death - is the fear of public speaking. I'm not a counselor or psychiatrist, but the best way that I've overcome fears in life is by facing them. That's one of the reasons I'm attending the Launch and SCORRE Conferences, which help individuals become more confident and accomplished at conveying the benefits of a product, service or message. Public speaking is part of that. It can be developed and … [Read more...]

Moving Toward Launch

One of Newton's laws of motion is that bodies at rest tend to stay at rest. Not only does that apply to physical objects, I believe that it applies to people as well. The inertial energy, risk and commitment to start something new is often too overwhelming to motivate an individual to try - so they don't. I'm attending the 2012 Launch Conference to learn from top-tier speakers and authors about what it takes to launch your message, product or service. Here's an infographic I … [Read more...]

Quick Question With Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis

While attending the 2012 Launch Conference, that is currently underway, I have the unique opportunity to interview some of the top speakers and authors in America. Below are two very quick, single-question interviews I had with authors Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis respectively. Michael answers the question, "How should a writer or speaker market themselves?" Ken graciously answers the question, "How does a speaker go from free-speaking opportunities to paid … [Read more...]