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Baby, Birth, Delivery – Our Newborn Son Has Arrived!!!

After nearly 42 weeks of pregnancy, my wife had a scheduled Casearean section this morning at 9:30am. The surgery lasted less than two hours and it was completely complication-free and uneventful. Except for the fact that at 10:08am, the newest addition to our family - Salvatore (Tor) James Constantino, T.J. for short - entered our world. My wife is doing great and is with our newborn son as I write this. The early steer from the medical team is that she'll have a speedy recovery; however, … [Read more...]

Our Cardboard Cutout Baby Stand-in

My wife, who's 41-weeks pregnant today, has her last scheduled out-patient doctor's visit this afternoon. They'll check and see if there's any additional dilation and cervical thinning to (perhaps) indicate when the baby might be making his soon arrival. If the doctor tells us  there's no additional action and that the boy is hunkered in tighter than a WWI Doughboy in a embattled trench on the Western Front - we're prepared for a C-section later in the week. In the meantime we're … [Read more...]

Too Prepared for Our Baby???

If you've been following this blog for the past few months, you'd know that we're anxiously expecting our third child. In fact, our newborn still has not yet arrived - and he's nearly a week late. But while we've been waiting for him, we've been preparing for his arrival. We've got the baby carrier and stroller travel system ready...           We've got the bases for the baby carrier mounted in both of our … [Read more...]

10 Things I Wish I Shared With Dad…

I loved my dad. I know that I'm lucky in that regard because many men are estranged from their fathers or have strained relationships at best. Part of that problem is that most guys aren't great at expressing emotions or words. It's difficult to build a relationship in that kind of communication vacuum. I was fortunate to have a good relationship with my dad. But that ended when he died of a heart attack almost six years ago. Shortly after his death, I relocated my wife and girls to the … [Read more...]