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God Is Not a Plumber – Talking to Kids About Death

The topic of death and grieving have been covered several times on this blog, because those are realities that all of us will face during this life. I'm thrilled to share with you this guest post from a writing friend of mine, Michelle Johnson. As a blogger Michelle has a keen interest and ability in addressing grief, bringing her to write for and work with Adelaide funeral homes and various publications dealing with death, funerals and the grieving process. Here's her guest … [Read more...]

5 Facts About Loss

I was missing my parents a lot this past weekend. That's despite the fact that it's been more than six years since my dad died and nearly nine years since my mom passed away. Even though I'm a grown man with a family of my own, the loss of my parents still lingers and seems to sneak up on me in unexpected ways. However, during these past several years, I've come to realize a few facts about loss: 1. Loss Happens to Us All During our lives, each of us will experience the pain and … [Read more...]

Slowing Down in an Accelerating World

I don’t know about you, but I can get worked up about things very easily. Whether it’s the cares of life, pursuit of wealth or desires for other things – I unintentionally let external craziness mangle my attempts to maintain internal calm. So every morning, I try to read or focus on something that will help me keep my peace in place – for at least a little while. This morning I read a passage in a book by author Philip Yancey that truly inspired me to S…L…O…W... down, like nothing else … [Read more...]