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7 Questions With an Author: Donna Cavanagh

This is another installment of the "7 Questions With an Author..." series, featuring writer Donna Cavanagh. Donna is a personal friend, a gifted writer and founder of the web sites HumorOutcasts.com and HumorOutcasts Press. Her latest book, A Canine's Guide to the Good Life, was "written" by her two dogs, Frankie and LuLu, and is a guidebook described as "....a short, tail-wagging tale that tells it like it is when it comes to reining in an owner and getting the upper paw." A portion of … [Read more...]

The All New Baby Toupee

Yesterday we were just hanging out at the house while our middle daughter was holding our recently born son. Some of her hair spilled over onto his head inspiring this little snippet of video humor. It's only :17 seconds - it made us laugh anyway! … [Read more...]