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This Post is Good to the Last Drop

I'm not gonna lie - I am a coffee addict. Whether you call it a cup of joe, lava from java, battery acid, decoction, forty weight or demitasse - I love it all (to my shame). I blame my days as an early morning radio news sidekick where I'd be up by 4:30 am each day, write as many news stories as I could in 90 minutes - usually about 18-22 stories - then hit the airwaves and sound like I was wide awake. By 6 am, I had normally consumed a pot of coffee by myself (to my shame). While … [Read more...]

The Church of the Future

Today's guest post comes courtesy of a very witty writing buddy, Bryan Logan. Check out his blog HERE and his entertaining post below. If you'd like to submit a guest post for The Daily ReTORt you can see the guidelines HERE. ================== If you traveled back in time and told your grandparents what the churches of today are like, they wouldn't have believed you. More importantly, you could probably use time travel to do more important things, but that's a different post. So … [Read more...]