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When Your Child has Cancer…

Our sweet Sarah was just six when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma.  Our family's world was shaken.  Our foundations were rocked.  Our grief was incalculable. Life and Death in a Song One day shortly after Sarah's diagnosis, I was running some errands and listening to the radio when a song called Untitled Hymn started playing. It beautifully described all the different chapters we go through in life and finished up with a verse about the end of life. It closed with the words, … [Read more...]

Theology is no Substitute for Waiting Under an Oak

I have an eight-year-old son now. He’s skinny, like I was. He’s (mostly) gentle, a rule follower, and he prefers playing with Legos by himself in his bedroom and please stay out unless you are offering food. Check, check and check – just like I used to be. Practicing the Ritual of Waiting I remember late on Saturday afternoons, when I was his age, I would hear my dad shouting out of the farmhouse. His voice moved like a ripple. I scrambled toward the house as fast as I could, grabbed … [Read more...]

Nothing Makes Me Feel More Like an Idiot than Parenting

My kids are weird.  Having my husband and I for parents really leaves them with no other option. Odd is hard-wired in their DNA. If you follow me on Twitter you've seen some of the stuff they say because I can't keep it to myself.  The world has to know.  Like: Daughter: "What's a catheter?" I explain... "OH NO!  I am never asking you anything again!" or Me: "Son, you're putting your pants on backwards." Him: "Don't judge me." Matter-of-Fact Belligerence Probably my best/worst … [Read more...]

Parenting – The Tender Balance

There’s something growing inside my wife. A living, breathing, heartbeat-having creation. That creation is currently about 37 weeks. It has a name. He has a name. His name is Aidan Robert, and he’s scheduled to leave the comfort and relative darkness of my wife’s womb on August. Parenting Imponderables I wonder what he’ll be like. I wonder if he’ll have his mother’s eyes or his father’s lack of a defined chin. I wonder if he’ll be sweet like my wife or if he’ll have my … [Read more...]

Clownish Celebrity Parenting

Last week, actress and ultra-all-natural mom Alicia Silverstone (who ironically starred in the movie Clueless) posted a home video on YouTube. In the clip she proceeded to feed her son - named Bear - by first chewing the food herself - and then feeding him mouth-to-mouth. Perhaps she might want to consider renaming Baby Bear something more appropriate, to something like...oh, I don't know...perhaps Baby Bird - since she's modeling the aviary regurgitation practice. Here's the … [Read more...]