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5 Components of Character

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an outstanding writing friend of mine, Michael Holmes. Mike is a blogger and speaker who heads the Simple Strategies for Startups community. If you’d like to submit a guest post here are the guidelines. =========================== If there’s any lesson we can learn from Penn State, it’s this: character is infinitely more important than career. Why?  It’s simple. Whatever we build is built on the bedrock of our character. If this bedrock is … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts on True Beauty

The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express. ~Francis Bacon - philosopher I love the confidence that makeup gives me. ~Tyra Banks - international super model The two quotes above capture the spectrum of physical, human beauty. The first alludes to a beauty that transcends physical expression, while the second implies a beauty that relies on an external facade to build up internal attributes. The first is true beauty, the second is false. The first is inspiring, the … [Read more...]

One Thing Government Can NOT Do…

We can expect to see more political ads on TV and signs with politicos’ names spiked in lawns across the country during the next several months as we head into a critical presidential election season.  With the political fervor ramping up, so will the rhetoric and hyped-up promises for “change” at the local, state and national levels. It’s what politicians, politics and our government tend to do – over promise and under deliver with a premium price tag attached. Don’t get me wrong, I love … [Read more...]