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Reading is Dead, Long Live E-Reading

I may have possibly overstated the state of book reading in the title of this post - but it's close. Consider that last Christmas - 11 short months ago - the largest book seller in the world (Amazon) reported that revenue from e-books had finally surpassed sales of print edition books. Is it really a surprise? Consider what has happened in the music industry. When was the last time you bought an audio tape or even a CD? It's simply easier and more convenient to download an audio … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the Apple iPhone5

Dear Apple iPhone5, A lot of people have been waiting for your arrival this week - which is fine but at the risk of upsetting the Applecart I have to ask....do we really need you Apple iPhone5? Supposedly, you're the greatest thing since sliced Apple bread - but based on Apple's tendency for overblown marketing hyperbole I suspect that you haven't actually fallen that far from your most recent Appletree product the iPhone4S. Just so we're clear "5" (is it ok if I call you 5???), I'm no … [Read more...]