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Book Review: It’s All About Relationship

Before I got up the nerve to ask my wife on our first date nearly two decades ago, I relied a great deal on the feedback from her friends to try and triangulate my feelings for her as well as gauge her interest in me. However, once we started dating the time we spent together talking and sharing experiences soundly trumped any past interactions with her friends because I had a direct line connecting me to her. That's how I felt after reading Keith Ferrin's book 10 Tips for Liking the … [Read more...]

Reading is Dead, Long Live E-Reading

I may have possibly overstated the state of book reading in the title of this post - but it's close. Consider that last Christmas - 11 short months ago - the largest book seller in the world (Amazon) reported that revenue from e-books had finally surpassed sales of print edition books. Is it really a surprise? Consider what has happened in the music industry. When was the last time you bought an audio tape or even a CD? It's simply easier and more convenient to download an audio … [Read more...]