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4 Ancient Leadership Lessons

I'd like to welcome new visitors who may have found this blog via my guest post today over on Michael Hyatt's site. This particular piece below is a re-posting of something I wrote back in April. A few months ago, I wrote a post about 5 Ancient Leadership Mistakes which explored five leadership shortfalls of the Israelite  Moses. You may recall that Moses lived nearly 3,400 years ago and is credited with leading the Hebrew nation out of Egyptian slavery. In that companion post,  it … [Read more...]

Do We Have Ultimate Power Over God?

Let me begin by stating that I firmly believe in God, His sovereignty and that He has a divine purpose (or will) for each individual and humanity as a whole. However, I also believe that God’s will is NOT universally manifested in the earth - and that in relation to God, the balance of power actually tips in our favor. Let me to explain. From a Judeo-Christian worldview, God very clearly has articulated His will in the Old Testament as evidenced in the following paraphrase of the most … [Read more...]