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Steve Jobs’ Leadership Lessons – My Guest Post for Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt: Chairman, Author, Blogger

Today I have the honor of being the featured article on the weblog of Michael Hyatt , the chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing which is the largest Christian book publisher in the world and the seventh largest here in the United States.

Michael’s site tends to focus on three areas: leadership, productivity and social media.  Here’s an excerpt from 5 Leadership Lessons From Steve Jobs


Whether you’re a “Mac or PC,” the recent passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at the age of fifty-six from pancreatic cancer provides a salient moment of reflection for any organizational leader.

Jobs’ legacy and impact on the world is likely to stretch far into the future compared to the brief thirty-five years of his professional career, which took seed in his family’s garage when the idea of Apple was planted with Stephen Wozniak in 1976.

Beyond his cultural and technological contributions, Jobs offers leadership lessons that can be gleaned from his own words. Below are five lessons from his quotes. They provide insight into the Steve Jobs’ “operating system” for life.

The Risk Lesson. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” The very nature of innovation requires a stark departure from the status quo and deviation from the norm. The best leaders have the vision to understand that fact and the tenacity to lead an organization to that future state despite organizational inertia and resistance………


To Read the rest of the article please visit Michael Hyatt’s site by clicking HERE

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  1. In amoment of economic crisis it’a all about innovation, ladership and vision. And Jobs did all of it.
    Great post,

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