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Ridiculously Funny Shopping Prank….

I’m not really a fan of practical jokes, because they can be cruel, but this video is harmless and one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

Two guys decide to write a nonsensically absurd shopping list for each other. Then each of them must enlist the help of a retail worker to help them locate as many of the crazy items as they can.

The hilarity ensues because neither guy knows what the next item on the list will be since each item has its own page in a flip-handheld note pad.

Laughter is guaranteed….(I lost it at Mormon Disco Ball)

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious…I have tears I’m laughing so hard. This was fantastic. Thank you so much for posting this. Its done and I find myself still randomly giggling at recalling some of these!!

  2. Ron Paul does seem to have a lot of energy for being in his late seventies so I might consider giving his workout video a try.

    • TorConstantino says:

      Indeed! While I haven’t seen it, it’s rumored that his vitality is enhanced by copious amounts of “daddy butter” and “ankle grease.”

  3. Toddler size shark cage!!!

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