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Reading is Dead, Long Live E-Reading

I may have possibly overstated the state of book reading in the title of this post – but it’s close.

Consider that last Christmas – 11 short months ago – the largest book seller in the world (Amazon) reported that revenue from e-books had finally surpassed sales of print edition books.

Is it really a surprise?

Consider what has happened in the music industry.

When was the last time you bought an audio tape or even a CD?

It’s simply easier and more convenient to download an audio file from iTunes or Amazon.

E-books are exactly the same – information that’s digitized into 1′s and 0′s.

Here’s an interesting infographic from the folks at Infographic Labs I came across regarding the growing trend in e-readers.

Question: Do you spend more time reading traditional bound books or e-books stored on an e-reader?

  • http://profiles.google.com/caryn.schulenberg Caryn Schulenberg

    Very true Tor!! I almost won’t buy a book until it comes out on Kindle!!

  • http://twitter.com/RamblinGarden Alana Mautone

    I don’t own an eReader but I have several books on my iPhone (all free). I spend a lot more time with physical books. eReaders are convenient but – let’s say in the case of a possible disaster like Sandy – you are going to want something that you don’t have to charge, and heaven forbid, if you have to evacuate to a shelter – you can tuck some paperbacks into your overnight bag and perhaps even lend them out. Who is going to lend out their eReader? And who will take an e book into the bath with them – I must admit that has become a major reading area for me!

  • Annie

    My first e-reader is being shipped next month. I am a die-hard book fan, but moving to a small town with no (decent) bookstore for miles around. What’s a girl to do?

  • http://deuceology.wordpress.com Larry Carter

    I don’t even own an ereader

  • http://twitter.com/AshleyHowland Ashley

    I love my kindle – so easy to get new books and to have a whole list of books to read. My kids also have some readers on our tablet. However I am an author and my books are printed, why? Because I write kids books and to me part of the excitement of learning to read it to hold the book in your hand. I think there is place for both, but can also understand why e books are so popular and guess they will eventually take over. I just hope kids can still enjoy getting a book for Christmas, not just a voucher!!!

  • Bonnie Anderson

    I have an early Kindle version and it still works just fine. I love the screen; it’s so easy on the eyes. However, I love having a book in my hand. At this point I am about 60/40 books/e-books.

  • http://somewiseguy.com/ ThatGuyKC

    I’ve owned a few Kindle devices and currently do most of my e-reading on an iPad 2. However, I heavily rely on the Kindle app (which I think was a genius move by Amazon).

    I’d have to guess that my paper vs. digital reading of books is about 50/50 to be honest. I like tangible books because they are easier to share. Although, if I’m heavily underlining & making notes I prefer digital because those sync to the cloud.