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Black Friday Blues

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Andrea_Markowski

Periodically, I create these mini-videos that look at funny issues a married couple experience.

This one (episode #11) deals with the annual ritual of spending money on the busiest shopping day of the year – Black Friday.

The links to other episodes I’ve made about moments in married life follow the video below.


Question: What’s your Black Friday philosophy – economic Nirvana or avoid it like the Black Plague?

Dinner Debate: Wedded Blisster Series – Part 10

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TV Wars: Wedded Blisster Series – Part 8

  • Seahner

    That is awesome! I personally choose to stay home on Black Friday.

    • TorConstantino

      Thanks for the comment – glad you liked it!!!

  • http://www.logan.cc/blog/ Bryan

    I went out last night to buy some things we needed to replace (crock pot, shop vac, wireless router). Was able to get everything at Wal-mart without outrageous lines.

  • http://www.adjuvancy.com/wordpress Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Go, team! If you spend enough, that makes up for my not participating!