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Proper Care and Feeding of Ideas

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Mr. Attacki

This past weekend I stumbled across a great video from speaker/author Steven Johnson regarding the genesis of ideas.

It’s just over four minutes long, but it’s extremely worthwhile.

In the video, Johnson shakes up long held conceptions that ideas come instantly in a flash of brilliance in some a haphazard, unpredictable manner.

What Johnson postulates is that ideas can be nurtured.

He asserts that ideas take time to germinate from “slow hunches” or “half ideas” given proper space, connection with others and the opportunity to bump into other concepts.

That in and of itself is a novel idea….

Question: What’s the best idea you’ve every had?

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  1. I saw this video a while ago…
    And, I loved it then, too.
    What most people don’t get is that inspiration DOES arrive in a flash. It does feel like a lightbulb just lit up. But, it was perking for a time- sometimes a day, sometimes an hour, sometimes a lifetime- when something…somewhere… sparks the fire that lights up the world (the latter is the hopeful choice)…
    Which is why we always must be attuned, to pay attention, to learn, to assemble our knowledge, so that when that spark hits us- we can create those splendors.

  2. Way cool, I love RSA Animate. The finale was pretty clever too.

    I find that when I really sit down to brainstorm, nothing comes. Or a bunch of bad ideas. But eventually, as I sit and my brain works through different places, I’ll strike gold. Well, really I’ll strike bronze. But if I dwell on it for a few more days and get some others thoughts on it, then it might just turn into gold. So yes, good ideas definitely take time!

    Although, 20 years ago my biggest idea was to start a baseball card store with all the cards I collected…

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