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Need a Laugh???

Laughing baby - courtesy Wikipedia

I’ve never been a fan of pranks or practical jokes, because they often can be cruel and get out of control quickly.

Having said that, I do enjoy some of the stunts that the gang at Mediocre Films pull off. Below are two examples that poke fun at fast food restaurants and K-Mart respectively.

The videos are clever, simple, yet exceptionally funny and still clean – which is becoming more and more rare.

The first video features a guy (Greg Benson) using a megaphone to order food at a drive thru – he uses the megaphone because the last time Greg placed such an order it came back wrong because the attendant couldn’t hear Greg….

The second video is a new shopping challenge between Greg and Ryan Smith, where they go to a store and ask two different sales reps to direct them to a variety of items on a shopping list with the goal of getting through as many items as possible, but there’s a catch regarding the lists that generates laughs. They explain here….

While each video is funny, I can’t recommend that you subscribe to these guys on YouTube because some of their material is offensive. However, if I come across a gem I can share – I will.

Question: What moments in either video made you laugh out loud?

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  1. The second video was hysterical! Thank you for making me smile today! Suerae

  2. HAHAHAAA!!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. This is great…a perfect way to end the week. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! lol@”two wheeled tricycle” and “ceiling fans for cars” and the BEST…”I Can’t Believe It’s Not Daddy Butter.” These guys have way too much time on their hands. lol!! And what in the world is a “Nativity Crime Scene?” I seriously can’t stop laughing. My chest is hurting….

  3. I love how the employees just tell them where each thing is. :-)

  4. Love the second video. Boy, the employees take a long to time to clue in this is all a prank.

  5. Oh my, the funny! It hurts! My belly, my sides. Can’t believe they actually had “Puppy In A Jar.” Who makes that?

  6. Nursejason1 says:

    Great videos.

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