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My On-Air Debate With a CBS Radio Host…

Talk Radio Host Tommy Mischke

On Thursday, January 6th I had the opportunity to be interviewed by news/talk show host Tommy Mischke on WCCO 830AM – the 50,000 watt, CBS talk radio affiliate in Minneapolis – about my book A Question of Faith

Because of the station’s strong signal, the “Mischke at Midnight” program can be heard in 22 states. The entire interview with me was roughly 30 minutes long and at times it got heated in the congeanel, feisty manner, that’s akin to a heated political debate you may have had with your cantankerous uncle over the holidays.

The host prefers to be called “Mischke” and don’t let his program’s jazzy, hip-cat bassline opening bumper music nor his initial laid back “stoner” manner of speech fool you – this interview gets spirited.

Mainly because he would ask a question, that I would try to answer, and then midway through an explanation he would assert that I wasn’t answering him and then he would pose a different question before I had answered his first. Be forewarned that this happens a lot throughout this interview – additionally he tried to bait me with a few questions (e.g. “What’s the most godly country?”, “Where are the most godly people?”, “Of the world’s 10 thousand religions which do you want people to belief?”…etc.) which I answered in vague terms so as not to give away key points in my book – authors often withhold key plot points in such interviews to spur demand for their product.

I think I held my own and made the points I wanted to make. Regardless, it was fun to do and I’m grateful that Mischke and his scheduler and team of researchers had me on. Click on the player arrow below to hear the interview.

Quesion: Hindsight is 20/20 and there are several answers I will prepare in advance in case a hostile line of questioning arises again. Any other suggestions or tips?


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  1. Ghostdontwalk says:

    Without listening to the interview, its unfortunate that things worked out on-air like they did. Not sure why one would waste precious airtime to bicker back and forth with a guest, other than to boost an ego, and/or create a controversy to land listeners.

    I can respect non-powderpuff question lobs at guests. But, when it becomes disrespectful and fringes on baiting, it becomes poor journalism.

    • TorConstantino says:

      I appreciate the sentiment Ghost, I was taken aback because the scheduler gave me no indication that the host intended a hostile tact. In fact, I had listened to a couple of Mischke’s archived shows prior to the interview in preparation, to get a sense of his personality which was anything but adversarial. I guess that’s their prerogative, but I would have prepared quite differently had I known the intended nature of the discussion. Needless to say, I won’t be surprised next time…

  2. So great that you had the opportunity to share your message with the masses.

  3. I look forward to listening…it sounds like your chats with Cleverbot have done a good job of preparing you for this type of interview!

    • TorConstantino says:

      Hah! Now that’s funny – but consider this a warning, you’re not allowed to post comments that are wittier than me ;-)

  4. Wow, what a character this guy is. That is the polite version of my thougts at the moment. haha I am proud of you Tor…for holding your own, standing on solid ground, and for keeping your cool. It sounds like he was offering you lots of ways and places to crash and burn. Good for you for continuing to stand for what you believe in. Thanks for being well, YOU.

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