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My Favorite Part of Being a Dad

The kiddos and me on a fall hayride

One of my favorite things about being a dad is experiencing the myriad of “first” with our kids.

Whether it’s the first laugh, word, step, Christmas or first day of school – they are all precious moments that truly add meaning to life.

Here’s the lasted in a constant string of “firsts” from our four-month old son  T.J.


Question: What’s a favorite first your family has celebrated?

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  1. so cute! I believe he is much more modest then his father. lol

  2. How sweet! I remember those days with my kids. Almost (but not quite) makes me want to have another to experience those times again.

  3. hipmamamedia says:

    Sweet! Those days are precious: enjoy them. Next thing you know, he will be driving! One of the first our family did this summer was go to the circus! For me too- I had never been to the circus, and even as an adult, the clowns were creepy.

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