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My Book is an Amazon Bestseller ?!?!

I’m kind of stunned that my book, which launched today on Amazon, is currently the #1 “Hot New Release” within the Religion & Spirituality category – I took a screenshot because I couldn’t believe it myself!  While it ain’t the New York Times or Wall Street Journal best-selling lists – I’ll gladly take it and give all the glory to God!

It’s not too late to join the party, click the link below to get your copy plus more than 60 FREE bonuses!!!



  • http://shawnsmucker.com Shawn Smucker

    Great stuff, Tor.

    • TorConstantino

      I appreciate that Shawn!

  • http://www.esauproject.com Julie Shreve

    Fantastic, Tor!! Way to go!!!

    • TorConstantino

      Thanks Julie – that means a lot!

  • http://bit.ly/hWr7Cw Rob T

    Awesome bro!

    • TorConstantino

      Amen Rob, he gets all the glory!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Ironic_Mom Leanne Shirtliffe

    Woohoo. Love that!

    And, at the risk of being heretical, am I the only one who found Heaven is for Real overly sentimental? (Is this heresy?) Sorry for looking “down” the list. ;)

    • TorConstantino

      Um…don’t you know that the adorable little Colton and the Big G are tight? Are you trying to bring down a heavenly pillar of fire to sun scorch my blog or somethin’? Oh well…thanks for the kind words regardless ;-)

      • http://twitter.com/Ironic_Mom Leanne Shirtliffe

        LOL. They’re tight. It’s just … :-P

  • Dad & Mom Smith

    It’s so nice to see that all the time we’ve spent with you trying to help overcome your “shyness” is finally beginning to pay off! Once again you continue to amaze us and make us proud. We just shake our heads in wonder when we hear other parents complain about their “lazy daughters or sons in law” who seem to have no ambition. It’s impossible to comrehend what they are experiencing because of our own very special Son in law! YOU WORKED HARD FOR THIS AND DESERVE THE RECOGNITION AND RESPECT YOU ARE RECEIVING.

    • TorConstantino

      Jim & Karen, thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad to share the moments with you that I can no longer share with my folks. Thanks for the support, I love you both.

      PS – I appreciate you helping me break out of my “shell” and all….

  • Omalleyj

    Tor, Congratulations! I plan to pick up a copy. Your blog is great. Be well! Jerry O’

    • TorConstantino

      Jerry, I really appreciate you stopping by to comment – it means alot – thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Tor.

  • http://twitter.com/DenaGriswold Dena Griswold


  • Patricia Raybon

    You go! Congratulations, Twitter friend. Show your glory, Lord!

    • TorConstantino

      Thanks Patricia – that’s greatly appreciated!