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Most Expensive Medical Procedures

According to CNBC host Jim Cramer, the number one cause of bankruptcy in America is unexpected health care costs.

One of the biggest challenges with health care reform is that every American will be required to have some type of health care coverage, but many of those individuals can’t afford it and the country continues to age.

While I admire the ideals behind health care reform, I thinks its implementation and execution could conceivably bankrupt our country – in the same way that personal catastrophic health issues can bankrupt a household.

I don’t have all the answers regarding health care reform, but here’s an interesting infographic that provides some worthwhile perspective.


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  1. I read somewhere that the majority of medical costs are incurred during the last 2 weeks of life. This might be a morbid perspective, but what if people just let go when it was their time and died so that their families weren’t burdened with the medical bills after they die?

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