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Middle Child Syndrome: Truth or Fiction?

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – whitni.elise

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an online writing acquaintance of mine, Cathy Miller.

Cathy Miller is a freelance business writer with more than 30 years of professional writing experience.

Cathy has a business writing blog at Simply Stated business as well as a blog regarding health.

If you’d like to submit a guest post yourself, here are the guidelines.


I wear the middle child of seven distinction as an honor badge. It creeps into my writing and even an email address.

I am fascinated by the theories that birth order determines your personality. Oh really? Let’s examine this further.

Pecking Order

Scientists bantered about the notion that your birth order influences your personality for over a century. Alfred Adler, an Austrian psychiatrist and peer of Sigmund Freud, took the theory quite seriously.

Adler proposed that where you fall in the pecking order has a lasting effect on personality. Losing only child status burns as well. Adler called that event “dethronement.” In the case of my sister, the oldest of the siblings, being only five feet tall added a whole other dimension to her relationship with my nearly six-foot tall oldest brother.

Science being science, the debate over birth order’s effect raged on through countless studies. The following are a few of the characteristics assigned to birth order.

  • First born – a leader, high achiever, conservative
  • Only child – most likely to go to college, selfish, a perfectionist
  • Middle child – a peacemaker, competitive, flexible
  • Youngest child – rebellious, charming, persistent

I’ll accept those middle child attributes.

Recent studies link IQ and birth orders. It seems the more brothers and sisters between you and the oldest, the lower your IQ. I don’t think I’ll tell my younger sister that. I guess her Master’s degree was a fluke.

Birth Control

To quote a Scientific American article on the subject = size matters.

As the author explains, scientists dismissed early birth order studies that did not consider family size. After all, my middle child of seven rank means dealing with more siblings than a middle child of three does.

Have you ever wondered why children from the same family, raised with the same values, turn out so different? One reason may be family size. As the article points out – life happens. Changes in financial status or parenting practices have an impact. Either that or we just wear out mom and dad.

There are also studies that suggest we form relationships with other people of the same birth order. That’s a little too Stepford Wives for me.

Middle Child Syndrome

If I were to play this game, what personality traits would I admit to?

  • An aversion to “following the crowd”
  • A hatred of labels meant to define you (yet I accept middle child -?)
  • Comfortable onstage, but lone wolf tendencies
  • Pollyanna persona

My mother was also a middle child. However, she was that middle child of three.

In her, I see a much different experience, a sensitivity that she was not the oldest (and male) or the much younger, doted on little sister.

Two middle children – two very different personalities. Of course, that could be the view of a typical child who never thinks he or she takes after a parent.

Truth or Fiction?

So, is there something to this theory? Is the fact that the topic fascinates me so much a confirmation of my middle child status?

A part of me resists the idea that the luck of the draw defines who I am. Yet, I see so much of myself in certain descriptions of the middle child. Kind of like astrology signs. We dismiss them as amusing generalities, but we read our horoscope every day.

What do you think? How much did your birth order shape your personality? Do you see history repeating itself in your children?

When in doubt, we could always blame our parents.


  • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

    Thanks, Tor, for the guest real estate. :-)

  • cassie

    Interesting post! This kind of stuff fascinates me. I’m the oldest of two and have two girls myself, and my oldest actually exhibits more of my husband’s qualities (he’s the youngest of 5). I think my youngest actually has more of my personality, but she’s only 3 so that could change as she gets older.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      Thanks for commenting, cassie. I’m like you. I find it endlessly fascinating. And I’ve had MANY years to think about it. ;-)

  • http://getpaidtowriteonline.com/ Sharon Hurley Hall

    Fascinating, Cathy. I’m one of two so I wouldn’t know, but I’m always interested in this kind of analysis.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      Thanks, Sharon. So, do you relate to the youngest characteristics? I’d vote yes on the charming and persistent. ;-)

      • http://getpaidtowriteonline.com/ Sharon Hurley Hall

        I’m the older sister and I think I incorporate characteristics from all of those described. I’m not rebellious, but I wouldn’t balk at any of the others. :)

        • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

          Ah, actually that seems to fit even more ;-)

  • liz

    Interesting post! I’ve been fascinated by this kind of thing as well. I fit the definition of first born more than an only, but as my mom says, I’m one of two “onlys” — my only brother is 11 years older than me. My son and my step-daugher have a similar situation and she is definitely has only-tendencies whereas he’s more of a first born.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      See, Liz, that’s what makes it so fascinating-so many variables. I like that two “onlys.” :-) Thanks for sharing your story.

  • http://www.adjuvancy.com/wordpress Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

    Ah, this dovetails greatly with an impending post I have in my queue (and several that I have already shared)…
    The reason why science thought that younger kids IQ were lower the more kids was related to the fact that the kids were closely related in age. And, the parents interacted less with the younger kids, relying upon their older siblings to “play telephone”. New data indicates that if the age differential is large, then the parents interact with the younger kids more- akin to the oldest child’s doting- and the youngest child actually wins out with these interactions…
    I examined this phenomenon when, after a 10 year break, I was blessed with a new addition to my family… at an age when I thought I was getting ready to retire in a few more years. 21 years later and I still can’t afford to do that, but am loving each and every one of these now thirty-somethings (and a twenty-one year old)….

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      W have a knack for doing that with out posts, Roy. :-) Thanks for adding that interesting insight on the IQ aspect, Roy. And I’m sure your 21-year-old feels blessed as well. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/queryfreewriter Jennifer Mattern

    Interesting topic Cathy. :)

    My family’s a bit strange. I was the oldest, with two younger brothers. In that dynamic, the three of us fit most of the birth order stereotypes. I was the leader, the caregiver, and an over-achiever. I also had the highest IQ of the group. I don’t consider myself conservative in a general sense, although I’m definitely more conservative than some other family members. I suppose I can credit my Aquarian status with overriding that — bringing out the more open-minded and creative elements.

    My middle brother was most definitely a peacemaker, quieter than the other brother and I, but still competitive with sports. My youngest brother was the biggest attention-seeker I knew. We were all 2 years apart.

    Then things were uprooted. Families merged, and suddenly there were six of us. One stepbrother was about a month older than me, but he wasn’t around much, so for all intents and purposes it was as if I was still the oldest. The youngest brother was no longer the youngest, but it was like he tried even harder to get attention.

    Then my mom and (sort of) step dad had my little sister (10 years my junior). She didn’t fit any of the youngest child stereotypes. She isn’t an attention-seeker. If anything, she’s a lot like me — same exact IQ, quiet when younger, but still a high achiever and competitive, has creative interests (theater in her case), etc. And my step-siblings also didn’t fit any of those stereotypes, but there was always an odd dynamic to that side of the family.

    So while I’ve seen these roles play out, in my experience it either starts when you’re very young or you can avoid fitting into one of those molds.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      Hi Jenn. Thanks for sharing your story. Blended families would, I think, bring a whole different dynamic. My big ol’ family was totally Ozzie and Harriet – Mom and Dad married for over 60 years until Dad passed.

      See why I find this so interesting? So many twists and turns. :-) Thanks again, Jenn.

  • Sarah

    I am middle of four (I have a twin brother who was also the oldest boy), and I definitely have “middle child syndrome” through and through.very introvertive unless you put me in front of a crowd, laid back, go with the flow. I’ve seen several articles in the past covering this idea, and I know that at least as far as my little family is concerned, we fit to a tooth.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      Oh, a twin – love that element, Sarah. :-) How would you characterize your twin’s personality? I am definitely a “go with the flow” type of person. I wouldn’t say I was always that way, but I like to think it was a good development. Thanks for sharing your family story, Sarah.

  • Crystal Green

    I do thiink there is definitely some truth to the middle child syndrome. I was the only child growing up. However, since my baby girl has been born, I’ve seen some dramatic changes in my youngest son (who is the middle child in our family.) I hate seeing how he feels he has to fight for attention. My oldest needs more time with me due to his school work, and the baby is a baby. He gets one on one dates with me as often as I can create them, which is not often enough in my book.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      That’s so great you recognize that Crystal. I remember my Mom & Dad telling me when they came to visit me when I was in my 20s that they couldn’t get over how much louder I was. LOL! I figured it was an attempt to be heard over my brothers and sisters that honed that skill (?). Thanks, Crystal, for your insight.

  • http://whengrandmotherspeaks.com Anne Wayman

    Cathy, I’m an only child… so nothing fits me much, and I had boy and girl twins with my first pregnancy… hard figure it all out – but fun to think about

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      I don’t think I knew you were an only child, Anne. Or else my boomer brain forgot. :-) It is fun to think about this stuff, isn’t it Anne? Thanks for stopping by.

  • Kathy Henderson-Sturtz

    As the oldest of 13 (1 full-blood brother less than a year younger, 3 sibs with mom’s 2nd husband, and another 8 sibs with dad’s 2nd wife) I’m feeling I definitely fit the norm of traits of oldest child. But I don’t think that the only thing, nor the most influential thing, that contributed to my “style”.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      Okay, you win, Kathy-13! I would agree that the pecking order probably has an effect, but we humans are much more complex than that. :-) Thanks for bringing up a good point, Kathy.

  • http://writersmind.eu/ Luana Spinetti

    I’m the eldest of 3 children. My brother and sisters are twins. :) I’ve always felt like a mom to them and I had an active role in their education. Also, I had the honor to name them upon birth. I’m very protective of my siblings.

    Now that they’re 21, I get some of those cuddles back. ^_^ They take care of me and come to me for advice.

    If the child born before me lived, I would have been the middle child. Unfortunately he died before birth and somehow… I miss the presence of this angel brother I never got to meet.

    • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

      So many twins in the group! My cousin, Luana, was the only girl (and the oldest) of six siblings. She had Mom written all over her from the time she was a child. She now has 4 of her own.

      I am sure your angel brother is always with you, even though you didn’t physically meet. Thanks for sharing you family story with us, Luana.

      • http://writersmind.eu/ Luana Spinetti

        Being a ‘second mom’ was always one of my favorite things. :) Was it like that for your cousin, too?

        Wow, 4 kids! I hope I’ll be as blessed one day.

        Thank you, Cathy. That was absolutely sweet of you to say. :’)

        And I’m honored to be here.
        ~ Luana S.

        • http://simplystatedbusiness.com Cathy Miller

          For my cousin, it was like it was just part of her DNA. :-) At least from my perspective. Always good seeing you in the blogosphere, Luana. :-)

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    Agen bolacity holiday Terpercaya – Syarat yang memang tidak mudah bagi Chelsea. Namun begitu, ‘Si Biru’ telah memperoleh suntikan moral usai membungkam Stoke City 3-0 sebagai respons atas dua kekalahan yang diderita sebelumnya.

    “Kekalahan ketiga akan sangat buruk untuk kepercayaan diri kami terkait dengan pertandingan hari Selasa,” ujar manajer Chelsea Jose Mourinho di Sky Sports.

    “Jika kami kebobolan satu gol atau sebuah clean sheet maka kami masih ada kesempatan. Jika kebobolan dua gol dan kami harus mencetak lima gol, kami akan gagal. Makanya penting bertahan dengan baik melawan Paris,” tutup manajer kontroversial asal Portugal itu.

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  • Rima mar

    Norwich Pecat Chris Hughton

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola Menjelang berakhirnya musim kompetisi, Norwich City mengumumkan bahwa manajernya, Chris Hughton, resmi diberhentikan.

    Agen bolacity holiday Terpercaya – Posisi yang ditinggalkan Hughton diisi oleh manajer tim junior klub, Neil Adams.

    Dua asisten Hughton, Colin Calderwood dan Paul Trollope juga dicopot dari jabatannya.

    “Pencapaian Chris dalam memimpin City finis di urutan ke-11 pada musim lalu merupakan sebuah hasil yang sangat bagus dan dia telah mewakili klub dengan kehormatan sepanjang masa jabatannya.”

    Upaya Norwich untuk bertahan di Premier League akan menemui ujian super berat. Setelah melawat ke Fulham pada pekan depan, mereka akan menghadapi Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea dan ditutup dengan menjamu Arsenal.

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    Sturridge berharap bisa bermain dalam melawan Chelsea

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Daniel Sturridge baru saja sembuh dari cedera yang membekapnya. Penyerang Liverpool ini pun ingin sekali tampil menghadapi bekas timnya, Chelsea pada akhir pekan ini.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Sturridge mengalami cedera hamstring dalam kemenangan Liverpool 3-2 atas Manchester City sepekan lalu. Ia terpaksa absen ketika timnya mengalahkan Norwich City 3-2. Liverpool kini menghadapi laga krusial melawan Chelsea. Kemenangan menjadi target utama demi merebut gelar liga pertama di akhir musim, sekaligus mengakhiri penantian selama 24 tahun.

    “Mudah-mudahan di akhir pekan nanti aku akan kembali. Aku tidak yakin apakah manajer Brendan Rodgers akan memainkanku atau tidak. Kita lihat saja nanti,” ucap Sturridge.

    Sturridge mencetak sebuah gol di pertemuan terakhirnya dengan Chelsea pada April 2013 lalu. Jika nanti kembali membobol gawang ‘Si Biru’, Sturridge belum tentu tidak merayakannya meskipun tetap menaruh rasa hormat.

    “Aku akan tetap menunjukkan hormat saya kepada mantan klub, tetapi apabila aku dapat bermain dan mencetak gol pada menit terakhir, aku akan menjadi orang paling gila, ya kan? Aku tidak mau begitu tapi aku juga tidak tahu apakah aku bisa mengendalikan diriku jika hal itu terjadi.” tutupnya.
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    Chelsea bertekad ingin merusak pesta Liverpool

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Liverpool sedang di atas angin saat ini, tampil impresif dan menjadi yang terdepan menuju titel Premier League. Bertandang ke Anfield akhir pekan ini, Chelsea bertekad merusak atmosfer tersebut.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Liverpool saat ini menjadi kandidat terkuat juara Liga Inggris musim ini. Memimpin klasemen dengan nilai 80, anak-anak Merseyside mengungguli Chelsea dengan lima poin dan City dengan enam angka.

    Tim besutan Brendan Rodgers makin diunggulkan setelah melaju tak terkalahkan di 16 partai, plus menang tanpa putus di 11 pertandingan terakhir. Dengan hanya tiga pekan tersisa, penampilan meyakinkan ini tentu membuat Liverpool sangat percaya diri.

    “Selalu ada kesempatan (meraih titel) ketika secara matematis masih mungkin. Kami harus pergi kesana dengan pemikiran kami ingin memenangi laga,” kata kiper Mark Schwarzer.

    “Kami telah mengalahkan tim-tim top musim ini dan ingin menjaga itu terus berlangsung. Liverpool adalah tim terdepan dan bisa kehilangan segalanya. Dan kami perlu pergi ke sana dan merusak pesta mereka,” tutupnya.
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    McLaren yakin bisa meraih kemenangan di musim ini

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – McLaren meraih hasil yang kurang menggembirakan dalam tiga balapan terakhir. Meski begitu, mereka masih optimistis bisa meraih kemenangan pada musim ini.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – McLaren sebenarnya mengawali musim dengan cara yang mengesankan. Mereka merebut podium kedua dan ketiga di GP Australia lewat dua pembalapnya, Kevin Magnussen dan Jenson Button. Namun mereka menurun di Malaysia, Bahrain, dan China. Dalam tiga seri tersebut, mereka hanya mencetak sepuluh poin tambahan.

    “Kami harus yakin kami akan memenangi balapan. Kurangnya downforce (Tekanan udara yang menekan pada mobil ketika lomba berlangsung-red) tentu saja merugikan kami ketika kondisi trek sangat panas, atau sangat dingin seperti yang kami alami di China dan ada alasan teknis untuk itu,” kata racing director McLaren, Eric Boullier.

    “Apa yang sedang terjadi di tim membuat kami sangat percaya diri dan kami akan mampu terus berjuang pada jalur pengembangan yang sangat agresif dan kuat sepanjang musim ini. Kami akan menempatkan diri kami di sebuah posisi, mungkin tidak pada bagian pertama musim ini, tapi setelah itu, untuk bersaing merebut kemenangan,” kata Boullier.
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  • Som Bol

    Santiago Bernabeu masih angker bagi Bayern Munich

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Bayern Munich menelan kekalahan 0-1 di kandang Real Madrid dalam laga semifinal leg pertama tadi malam. Hasil itu membuktikan bahwa stadion Santiago Bernabeu terbukti masih angker bagi Bayern.

    Meski tampil dominan di sepanjang pertandingan, Bayern yang memiliki 64 persen penguasaan bola dan melepaskan 16 percobaan gagal mencuri gol. Sebaliknya Madrid berhasil memenangi laga berkat gol tunggal Karim bernzema di menit ke-19.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Ini adalah kekalahan keenam Die Roten di Liga Champions di Bernabeu. Salah satu di antaranya adalah kekalahan di final melawan Inter Milan pada 2010 lalu. Walaupun kalah, bukan berarti peluang Bayern maju ke final tertutup. Pasukan Josep Guardiola ini butuh kemenangan paling tidak 2-0 di leg kedua.

    Sementara bagi Madrid, kemenangan ini jelas melapangkan jalannya untuk melakoni leg II. Di Allianz Arena sepekan lagi, Madrid cuma butuh minimal hasil imbang untuk mengamankan tiket ke Lisbon.
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  • Som Bol

    Jorge Lorenzo bertekad bangkit di GP Argentina

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Jorge Lorenzo mendapatkan hasil yang mengecewakan di dua seri awal musim ini. Rider Yamaha itu mengungkapkan tekadnya untuk bangkit di balapan berikutnya yang digelar di Argentina.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Lorenzo gagal finis di MotoGP Qatar yang menjadi seri pembuka musim. Setelah itu, dia membuat kesalahan dengan melakukan jump start di MotoGP Austin dan akhirnya hanya finis kesepuluh.

    Bagi Lorenzo, ini adalah start terburuknya sejak naik ke kelas MotoGP pada tahun 2008. Sejak 2008, dia selalu naik podium di dua balapan pertama. Sementara di musim ini, dia baru mengemas enam poin.

    “Tentu saja ini bukan permulaan musim yang saya impikan. Namun, saya cukup yakin kami bisa membalikkan situasi. Tak mudah untuk menerima apa yang terjadi di Austin, tapi saya selalu berusaha untuk mendapatkan hal positif bahkan meski kami berada dalam masalah,” ungkap Lorenzo.

    “Sekarang saya hanya memikirkan soal Argentina dan saya sangat menantikan untuk segera balapan di sana. Tetap berada di trek adalah cara terbaik untuk melupakan dan saya pikir musim kami akan dimulai di sana,” jelasnya lagi.

    “Sirkuitnya baru dan ini adalah kunjungan pertama ke Termas de Rio Hondo. Itulah kenapa kami harus langsung berbenah sejak hari Jumat dan berusaha tetap tenang dan berkonsentrasi untuk mendapatkan kecepatan terbaik sesegera mungkin,” tutupnya.
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  • Som Bol

    Peluang Juventus mengunci Scudetto ketiganya di akhir pekan ini

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 – Juventus berpeluang mengunci scudetto ketiga secara beruntun di pekan ini saat bertandang ke markas Sassuolo. Untuk mewujudkannya, Juventus perlu bantuan dari AC Milan.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya – Pekan ke-35 bisa menjadi pekan menentukan untuk Juventus di Serie A musim ini. Anak asuh Antonio Conte punya kans cukup bagus merengkuh scudetto ke-30, sekaligus mengklaim kembali bintang ketiga di emblem mereka.

    Mengemas nilai 90 dari 34 pekan, Bianconeri unggul delapan poin dari AS Roma di urutan kedua. Artinya, jika Juventus mampu menang sementara di lain sisi AS Roma gagal meraih angka penuh, selisihnya setidaknya akan jadi 10 angka. Jarak ini tidak akan mampu dikejar oleh Giallorossi dalam tiga pekan tersisa.

    Menilik situasinya, angin sangat berpihak pada Juventus. Bertandang ke markas Sassuolo, Selasa (29/4/2014) yang hanya menghuni peringkat 17 klasemen, di atas kertas mereka tidak akan kesulitan. Satu-satunya tantangan Juventus adalah kondisi fisik, karena mereka akan melakoni laga semifinal Liga Europa kontra Benfica, Jumat (25/4/2014) dinihari WIB nanti.
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  • bon tong

    Xabi Happy for Liverpool

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, former Liverpool star and current Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso says he is thrilled to see the Merseyside club sit first on the Premier League table this season.
    “Whenever I’m not on work duty, I keep an eye on the Reds. I’m really excited,” the Spain international said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “It’s thrilling what’s happening in the city right now. What they are doing at the moment is so admirable, the players, the coaches.”
    “11 wins in a row is a massive achievement, and they are so close to winning the league for the first time in 24 years,” the 32-year-old added, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “So I’m really looking forward to it and happy for the ones I know like Stevie and Lucas, the ones I played with there.”
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  • bon tong

    Miguel Adair Keen to See Kaka at Sao Paulo

    Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com reported, Sao Paulo president Carlos Miguel Adair says he is eager to bring Kaka back to Brazil.
    The AC Milan legend is free to leave the Italian outfit at the end of the season in accord with a clause in his contract, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “Everyone likes to dream,” Adair said, as reported by Agen bola terpercaya indo11.com.
    “We would love to see him on the San Paulo field along with Hulk, Dani Alves, Alan Kardec and why not Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar!”
    “Joking aside, there is only one name that I really want – Ricardo Kaka. It would be a dream to bring him home.”
    “For us he would be perfect. He has the face of someone from San Paulo, he is beautiful, good, speaks well and has all his teeth.”
    “We could not compete with the money of the Arabs and the Chinese, but he knows that here he would be the right man in the right place.”
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  • Raith Game

    Cedera Lutut, Vidal Naik Meja Operasi


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Arturo Vidal mungkin tak akan membela Juventus lagi di sisa musim ini.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Gelandang asal Chile itu naik ke meja operasi untuk menyembuhkan cedera lututnya.

    Operasi ini akan dilakukan di Barcelona pada Rabu 7/5/2014 dan dipimpin oleh Professor Ramon Cugat.

    “Pemain berposisi gelandang ini akan menerima operasi arthroscopic pada meniskus lateral lutut kanannya besok di Barcelona,” demikian keterangan Juventus di situs resminya.

    Football Italia melaporkan bahwa operasi ini tak akan mengancam partisipasi Vidal di Piala Dunia 2014. Gelandang berusia 26 tahun itu diprediksi akan pulih tepat waktu dan bisa tampil di Brasil.

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  • Raith Game

    Keluh dan Puji Montella Untuk Fiorentina


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Fiorentina kalah 3-4 saat menjamu Sassuolo di Artemo Franchi.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Pelatih Fiorentina Vincenzo Montella mengeluhkan kurangnya konsentrasi timnya sehingga kebobolan empat gol dari Sassuolo.

    Di lain sisi, dia memuji upaya La Viola hingga mampu menipiskan skor jadi 3-4.

    “Selama 20 menit kami bermain baik, kemudian penalti memecah kebuntuan dan kami menderita menghadapi serangan balik mereka,” kata Montella kepada Sky Sport Italia.

    “Tim ini kurang konsentrasi, tapi tidak dengan upaya”.

    “Kami menunjukkan harga diri hingga akhir laga dan bahkan mempertaruhkan segalanya untuk mendapatkan gol penyama,” tutup dia.

    Kekalahan tersebut yang kemudian diikuti kemenangan Napoli membuat kans Fiorentina tampil di Liga Champions musim depan tertutup.

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  • Eko Dinda

    Giggs : Tetap Dukung Kami dan Masa-masa Indah Akan Datang Lagi


    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Laga melawan Hull City menjadi laga terakhir Manchester United di Old Trafford musim ini.

    agen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Ryan Giggs, sebagai manajer interim, pun memberikan beberapa patah kata kepada para suporter.

    Dengan performa yang carut-marut musim ini, Giggs pun mengakui bahwa ini merupakan musim yang berat. Namun, Giggs yakin jika timnya bisa bangkit musim depan.

    “Kita tahu bahwa ini musim yang berat, sementara selama bertahun-tahun kita sudah dimanjakan berbagai sukses,” ujar Giggs seperti dilansir BBC.

    “Saya hanya ingin mengatakan, tetap dukung kami, kalian semua sudah melihat sedikit masa depan bagus hari ini, kami pun selalu ingin memainkan sepakbola atraktif.”

    “Tetap dukung kami dan masa-masa indah akan datang lagi,” tutup Giggs lewat mikrofon di genggamannya.

    Giggs sendiri tidak berkomentar soal masa depannya. Ada kabar bahwa dia akan tetap di dalam klub dan jadi staf pelatih dari manajer baru.

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  • bon tong

    ‘Guardiola or Mourinho should replace Scolari’

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Sao Paulo coach Muricy Ramalho has backed Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourihno as potential candidates to replace Luiz Felipe Scolari as Brazil boss.

    The future of the current national team boss remains in doubt following the Selecao’s humiliating 7-1 defeat against Germany in the World Cup semi-finals in Belo Horizonte last Tuesday.

    Ahead of Brazil’s third-place play off against the Netherlands, Ramalho, who himself has been touted as a possible replacement for Scolari by Zico, has picked several famous names he feels would be suitable for the job.

    “Football is in the here and now,” the 58-year-old told ESPN Brasil.

    “Moments come and I think now is the turn of [former Corinthians boss] Tite. He has been a winner of titles. He must be on the list for selection.

    “If not a Brazilian, it has to be the best. Guardiola would be my preference. Or Mourinho. We have to have a top boss, who has those trademarks. A good operator.”

  • ry chard

    Galliani: Robinho wants to leave AC Milan for Orlando

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani has confirmed that Robinho wants to join MLS newcomers Orlando City – but added that a deal is still some way off.

    The former Brazil international only signed a new contract with the Rossoneri last year that binds him to San Siro until 2016.

    However, Galliani has revealed that Robinho is now pushing for a move to Florida in order to be reunited with compatriot and former Milan team-mate Kaka, who will arrive at Orlando after a short loan spell at Sao Paulo.

    “There are talks with Orlando for Robinho,” the Rossoneri vice-president told reporters.

    “He wants to go there and the league begins in January. They want him but we are not close to concluding a deal.

    “Our relations with ‘Binho’ are still very good and this is just one of many ongoing negotiations.”

  • som orl

    Mangala arrives for Manchester City medical

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Eliaquim Mangala has arrived in England to undergo a medical and finalise a €40 million move to Manchester City, Goal can reveal.

    On Friday, Goal reported that the Premier League champions had made a breakthrough in talks with Porto over a deal for the France international, having given him until Sunday to accept their offer.

    Mangala arrived at The Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester’s Moss Side a day later to complete a medical as he prepares to put pen to paper on a long-term deal which will earn him approximately €113,000-a-week.

    The 23-year-old, who was part of the France squad at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, will go on a short holiday before joining up with the rest of the City squad for pre-season training.

    The deal brings an end to a long pursuit for the English titleholders, who came close to signing Mangala in January but were ultimately frustrated by Porto’s unwillingness to negotiate on a valuation.