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Live Bold: A Leadership Guest Post

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – maryland_male

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an online writing acquaintance of mine, Joseph Iregbu.

Joseph has a passion for “intentional leadership” and is driven to help identify and raise up the next generation of leaders through his coaching and mentoring work. He’s also authored a book titled Even in the Well.

If you’d like to submit a guest post yourself, here are the guidelines.

The Power of Choice

 You have two options in life: you can either be scared all your life or you can live bold.

Either requires a choice to be made.

The decision to step out and lead is a choice you make. Leadership doesn’t happen automatically; you make it happen, you lead.

There are so many ‘good’ (so we think) reasons to shirk and hide. Trust me, I know! I’ve been there before:

  • The fear of not being good enough
  • The shame of being laughed at by those who consider themselves ‘Masters’ and better than you 
  • The pain of labor without evidence of reward
  • The fear of trying and failing

Can you relate?

 What if…

 “Have you ever considered what could be possible if you tried again, if you choose to be relentless in pursuit of purpose, if you choose to live BOLD?”

  • What if the book you’ve had in you for 10 years turns out to be a bestseller and several thousands are blessed by your story?
  • What if the new job you’re afraid to take up is the enabler you need to lead on purpose?
  • What if the blog post you’ve decided not to publish will offer a glimmer of hope to a reader 20,000 miles away from you?
  •  What if the volunteering offer you’re ignoring is the door to launching into your big dream of serving the poor in your local community?
  • What if losing today paves way for victory tomorrow?
  • What if today’s rejection is only intended to save you future heartache?
  • What if today’s failure becomes tomorrow’s success?
  • What if you change your world?

Step Out and Live

Am I making it sound too easy? I genuinely hope not. This is not an easy ride, I know that. Life can be tough and cruel. Life can hurt. Life can be messy. Life is not a bed of roses.

But is that enough reason to die with your dream? Would you rather win without taking part in the battle or get knocked out over and over and get back up? You decide!

 In the messiness of life (not in ease), we find purposeClick here to tweet that

I urge you:

Live bold! Make hard choices!!

You only have one shot at life; not stepping out and making it count becomes a tragedy.

Quit fear -> take risks.

Dwell in possibilities.

All things are possible to those that believe impossible is nothing. 

Get back to living, get back to living BOLD. 

Question: What keeps you from living bold some times? This is your first step to overcoming your fears and taking charge.


About Joseph

He writes regularly at http://josephiregbu.com. He is  husband of one wife and father to a gorgeous daughter. He lives in Germany. Connect with him on Twitter , Facebook and read about his Story of Hope that has inspired many to live bold.

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  1. Wo! Thanks Tor for opening your platform for me to share with your audience. Here’s to living bold and intentional leadership!

  2. Joseph, thrilled to share your inspirational message – have a great weekend!

  3. Actually, that has not been a choice for anyone in my family since I was a tyke. We were never given the opportunity to shirk going that extra mile. I hope i provided my children those same lessons!

  4. Great encouragement, Joseph. We miss out on so much of the LIFE we could be experiencing when we allow fear to dictate our choices. Thanks for this reminder.

  5. I think wisdom comes from the struggle and learning from mistakes. Good post.

  6. “What if today’s rejection is only intended to save you future heartache?” I like this question. The what if questions just opens up our minds to the possibility of good. I choose to live bold, it’s not going to be easy as you’ve said, but its definitely worth it. Letting fear rule cripples living.

    Thanks for the encouragement Joseph. Great post!

  7. Positively Alene says:

    Love this!! Just the reminder I needed today. I took a bold step and requested a Launch Team for my new ebook. Mercy – these bold steps are always so scary. Great to be in good company of those who want to overcome and live boldly!! Thanks again.

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