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Kodak Typo Speaks Volumes

I make a lot of writing mistakes and typos. I’m not a perfect writer.

However, I’m also not a multinational conglomerate named Kodak declaring bankruptcy with the livelihood of thousands of families and retirees hanging in the balance.  I am going somewhere with this, please bear with me a moment…

In case you missed it, Eastman Kodak – which was once the most recognized brand in the world beating out Disney and Coca-Cola – declared bankruptcy today.

That’s sad for me because I grew up in Rochester, NY which continues to be the worldwide headquarters for the company.

While I never worked for Kodak I know dozens who did and still do. Since we no longer live in New York, I went to the company’s “official bankruptcy” site today for more information at http://www.kodaktransforms.com/

I was stunned to find a typo on the site. Check out the 2nd to last paragraph in this linked statement which is missing the article “a” – not a huge deal, but it’s symptomatic of a LACK of attention to detail.

“Kodak aims to build company that will be successful in the marketplace – and a positive force in the communities we call home.”

For the past 14 years, I’ve worked in corporate communications at three different Fortune 500 companies. I can guarantee that the mini-web site that linked above and houses this bankruptcy announcement cost at least $50K to design and write all the content.

Additionally, at least 20 different people including internal and external lawyers would have previewed this statement prior to posting – apparently not as closely as they should have.

Somehow the statement was still posted with the typo. Again, this is not a huge error but it suggests a broader internal problem. There’s a proverb that states, “If you can’t be trusted with little things, how can you be trusted with great things.”

A typo is a very little thing, but bankruptcy is a very big and sad thing.

As of 3:00pm today, the typo still has not been fixed….and it supposedly went live shortly after midnight this morning.

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  1. It makes one wonder how many “little things” start to pile up before a major thing (bankruptcy) takes place. Good insight, as usual.

    • TorConstantino says:

      Exactly Rob, Kodak didn’t fall overnight – it took years of this type of decision-making (or lack thereof) that contributed to this company’s demise….

  2. The website is “Kodak transforms”? OK…It’s going to need a little bit more help than that.

  3. Good catch. “build company” does not mean “build a company” unless you like to speed read while defusing a IEDs. Another comment is if that is a 50K site, I better understand their bankruptcy. Oh, I see…looking at it through a Chrome browser and it is a jumbled mess (it did fix itself on a reload). And In IE it loads correctly. Good Luck Kodak.

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