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Is There Moss on Your Butt?

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – DMertl

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an outstanding writing friend of mine, Sundi Jo Graham.

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Do you have moss on your butt? Yes, I just asked that question. You’d be surprised how easily that answer can be a yes.

In Ken Davis’ new book, Fully Alive: Lighten Up and Live – A Journey that Will Change Your Life, he writes about a story a man told him.

“Most Christians,” he began, “have moss growing on their butts! The moss grows because we sit in the pews our entire lives, crying out to God, ‘If You want me to do something for you, open a door, and I will respond’.”

My life has been filled with excitement and adventure. I have trusted that God was calling me to His service and would not let me down. I’ve used common sense and prayer as preparation. But I refuse to sit still. I’m at full throttle, aiming at the next project, crying out to God, ‘Lord, if You don’t want me in there, shut the door!’”

Stuck in Neutral?

I’m the first to admit I’ve sat in the pews growing moss instead of choosing to be proactive and go for life. It’s easier that way, isn’t it? It’s easier not to fail. If we sit and wait versus pursuing, then we can say we at least did something.

Fear of failure destroys lives everyday. It takes victory away from God’s plans. It’s debilitating. It makes life easy and makes us lazy.

It’s time to stop! Today is the day to step out of our comfort zone, wipe the moss off our butts and learn what life is really about. It’s time to get uncomfortable and make ourselves available for a call-to-action.

Stop Making Excuses

Others can’t accomplish your goals for you. God can put a desire on your heart, but you have to pursue that desire. Fear is a feeling. Refuse to keep feeling it.

Take one step. You don’t have to go out and conquer the world today. Pick up a pen and write. Go for a walk. Buy a stranger lunch. Do something.

Embrace failure. You will fail. Discouragement will hit you and people will hurt you. Embrace it. Learn from it. Then get up again.

Take another step. Walk another mile. Make eye contact with that stranger and start the foundation of building a relationship. Write more.

Keep going. Be persistent. Go full throttle until God closes the door. Take action and keep moving forward.

Getting Started

I recommend doing a self-evaluation. Write down your desires. What do you want to accomplish in the next year? Two years? Ten years? Write down the fears that come to mind when you think of these goals. Then smile, get up, and go!

Stand up. Turn around. Wipe away the moss and choose to be present in this one shot we get at life. No regrets.

Ken Davis asks this question in the book: “Whenever you have an important decision to make, ask yourself this: What would you do if you weren’t afraid? That’s usually the answer you need.”

On the mark. Get set. Go!

Sundi Jo is an author, speaker, and small business owner, making her home in Branson, Missouri. Her first book, Dear Dad, Did You Know I Was a Princess?, comes out in Spring 2013. You’ll find her engulfed in the social media world, spending time with friends and family, hanging out in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and flip fops, or writing. Find Sundi Jo on Facebook or Twitter (@sundijo).

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  1. Good stuff, Sundi! I spent way too long gathering moss on my butt too!

  2. Awesome post, Sundi. Thanks for the push to regain focus.
    @Tor, great home base you have here.

  3. I loved “Lord, if you don’t want me in there, shut the door!” what a great way to have a different perspective. Great post!

  4. As a new pastor of an established church, I have the honor of trying to light fires under the pews in order to get people to stand up and actually do something. Some of the people at the church have been there since the 1960’s and they’ve been sitting in the exact same row since then—literally!

    I told the congregation that I don’t want to burn them, but light just enough fires to make sitting down any longer terribly uncomfortable. ;-)

    PS: Tor, I want to guest post on your blog.

  5. Okay, I have to admit…for some odd reason every time I read the title or see somebody saying something about “mossy butts” I get a nice little laugh. :)

    I don’t know why I find it so funny. Anyway, ignore me!

    Great post, and it is encouraging me to not let my butt get mossy! :)

  6. This is a great post! I see a lot of young people waiting to even look for a job, just waiting until God sends them something. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but most of the time He shows us His plans when we are faithful and just go for it!

    A massive recent example: We prayed for a couple years about moving to New Zealand. We finally got to a point where we had to decide to go or stay, despite not having jobs yet. We went for it, and within 4 weeks of being here God was faithful to provide! There is no way that would have happened if we kept waiting around.

    Love it.

  7. It’s far easier to be a critic than an actor. It’s easier to talk about what you could do rather than about what you did. And we’re all guilty of it to some degree, needing reminders that it’s action that makes the difference. This is just the right reminder.

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