Importance Of Changing The Golf Grips

An amateur golfer might not give much attention to his golf grips, but a professional golfer always makes sure that his grips are in top shape. The importance of attaining the right feel when gripping or holding the golf club should not be overlooked. A golfer should not likewise ignore the significance of the role of the grips.

If you are an amateur golfer and you intend to take your game a notch higher, then you need to make sure that the things you use when playing golf are always in tip top shape. Don’t always blame the weather or your somewhat lousy form for losing the game, the culprit could be your negligence.

The Value of a Golf Grip

Before you learn how to swing a club, you need to know the proper way to hold the club first. Without the right grip, it would be impossible to deliver consistent shots.

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The right golf grip allows you to maintain control over your golf club. It allows your hands to stay in the same position and not to slip down as you deliver your swing. Also, the right golf grips won’t send your club flying instead of the ball.

The correct and properly working grip can help you deliver the ball to your target point or spot. The professional and amateur golfers mostly use overlapping and interlocking grips. The overlapping grip type allows the little finger of your dominant hand to fit securely between the middle and index fingers of the other hand when you grip the club. The interlocking grip type involves locking the little finger of the dominant hand and the index of the other hand.

Your grip can affect the trajectory of the ball. It is important to securely hold the club and make sure that your hands will maintain the position as you swing the club. A golf grip that is not properly secured won’t be able to give you the ease and comfort you need when you grip or hold your club.

Before the game starts, it is important to give yourself ample time to check that your golf equipment and accessories are working properly. It is also advisable to bring extra spikes or golf shoes, and golf grips. You can get some quality golf supplies from If you are a novice golfer with a limited funding, then you should visit the mentioned site where you can get quality merchandise at affordable price.

The Significance of Re-Griping

A serious golfer always takes care of his golf equipment. He makes sure that his golf grips are working perfectly. The grips will eventually lose their efficiency and efficacy after so many games. In a course of a year, most tour pros re-grip their clubs between 3 and 4 times, or more. The re-gripping can help maintain the comfort that the pros want when holding their clubs.

When you prepare yourself for a game, you not only prepare yourself but your golf clubs as well. Dirt, sweat, and the normal wear and tear of a golf grip can affect the quality of your swing. Don’t expect to deliver consistent swing if your golf grip causes your hands to slip.

If you don’t feel comfortable in holding your club, then it’s time to re-grip your club.You also need to check your other clubs that you don’t regularly use. The dirt will still seep through the golf grip and render it ineffective.

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There are times when you need to re-grip your newly bought golf club. The clubs usually come with standard-sized grips, which may not be suitable to the size of your hands. When you re-grip it, choose the texture, material, color, design, and fit that you find comfortable.

Best Time to Re-Grip

It is advisable to replace your golf grip every 30 to 40 rounds, especially if you spend a considerable amount of practice time. However, if you feel or see cracks, shiny patches, smooth surface, and other unfavorable signs, it is time to re-grip your club even though you are yet to complete your 30 rounds.

If there’s a change in weather and your current golf grip is not suitable for such weather, you need to re-grip your golf club or suffer a damaging consequence.

Your golf grips are as important as your golf equipment. Check them regularly and replace them when needed.

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