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If You’ve Ever Been Afraid to Try…

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – thestranger

Last evening I was trolling around the web when I came across this incredible compilation video that I’ve embedded below.

It is an amalgamation of snippets of people doing some incredible tricks, stunts and skills.

As goofy as it sounds, this montage inspired me to take action on a couple of projects that I had been avoiding – because of fear.

I hope you find this “fearless” collection of clips as inspiring and entertaining as I did.

The little girl slide-parking her bike with training wheels at 3 minutes, 49 seconds into the video was cool enough for me – and there’s so much more than just that!

While I won’t be doing any handsprings off my thumbs or 100 foot double-reverse flips into river rapids – I’m definitely inspired to try other things. How about you?

Question: What’s fear keeping you from doing?


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  1. I stumbled upon the video on YouTube like a month ago and I think I have watched it like 30 times now but each time I still shake my head in aww of what those people are doing. 3.49 really awesome. Using it as a blog piece to inspire people to get up and try to overcome their fears is great.

  2. Awesome vid. I’m going to go do something impossible now. Thanks Tor.

  3. awesome video. inspiring

  4. Jennwith2ns says:

    Writing a guest-post for this blog . . . ;-)

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