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How I’m Learning Humility This Week

This week I’m attending a pair of communications-training conferences in Colorado.

It’s been a great experience thus far – except for last night.

Below is a video post I shot this afternoon where I talk about the first presentation we had to deliver and how I crashed and burned.


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  1. That does sound humbling. It shows even if we are the best we can still fumble. Thank you for being open and sharing.

  2. Tor, the Trappists are always looking for a few good men!


    Seriously, man, it happens to everybody. Take me for example (I know–I’m not a professional communicator): rarely do any of my posts do anywhere near where I think they should. In fact, according to my WP dashboard, I had 26 views today. That’s it. It’s humbling to go out there everyday, wanting the “platform” to grow, and watching it shrivel instead. If I did it for views, or comments, I’d quite in a heartbeat.

    Instead, I do it for love–for the sense of calling I feel. I’m sure, despite the momentary setback of your presentation, that’s why you do what you do.

    All of which is to say: you’ll get back out there, and crush it, Tor–because it’s what you were made to do.

    Godspeed, my friend.

  3. Sorry to hear that you are not perfect :-)… Seriously though, we all think – given our various experiences- we can deliver these wonderful presentations.
    This is one of the reasons why we procrastinate producing our first blogs… because, deep down, we know there’s a great possibility that our best is not good enough. However, we can only get better by “standing and delivering”.
    Thanks for sharing your victory from the jaws of defeat….

  4. Ow. I think we fall a greater distance and hit with more force when we start to falter at something that we know we have done well before. My sympathies go out to you.

    That being said, thanks so much for sharing that someone with your wealth of experience can have a less than stellar presentation. As a soon to be member of a local Toastmaster’s group, I have much to learn, and appreciate you adding your wisdom to my collection.

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