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Help Pick My Next Book Cover!

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – HannahBell96

I’m in the final stages of finishing my third e-book that will be titled something like 101 Text Messages Your Teenager Does NOT Want You to Know.

The inspiration for the book came from the popularity and overwhelming feedback I received on a series of blog posts I’ve written for The Daily ReTORt regarding various texting phrases that parents need to know.

During that series for this blog, I’ve shared 40 troubling text phrases.

I’ve since found another 61 that I’ll share in the book, which will be available on Amazon within the next few weeks.

I’ll let you know when it’s available.

In the meantime, below are the three final cover treatments that I’m considering for this upcoming e-book.

I’m curious to find out which of the three designs (color scheme, layout and font) you like the best – knowing that the title has not been finalized.

Please reply in the comment section below as to which you prefer: blue, red or yellow – also, is this a book topic that you’d want to read about?

I really appreciate your perspective and value your opinion – thanks so much!

Here’s the first version…..







Here’s the second for consideration…







…and here’s the last version.

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  1. RED, hands down

  2. Red absolutely wins my vote too! It makes the cell phone pop out, whereas the other two are two distracting. I like the red band on the top and bottom too. You notice everything easier.

  3. I like the red and black one best. The blue one feels like something is missing, and the yellow one gives me a feeling like it’s trying too hard to get sold (I have no idea why I think that; maybe I have an aversion to yellow).

    • Thanks Kelly! A FB friend said the yellow was too close to the “Idiot’s Guide…” series which may be one of the reasons why it looks like it’s trying too hard. That’s awesome feedback – I’m grateful, thanks!

  4. Red hands down buddy!!!

  5. Victoria munoz says:

    I vote red, the blue looks too generic and the yellow looks like an “idiots guide” book. Congrats on a new book coming out! That’s awesome!

  6. Ricky Anderson says:


  7. Even before i saw what everyone else said, the red leapt out at me. It’s consistent with “shocking and troubling” and creates a sense of urgency.

    I want to read it, and I’m always interested in strategies to equip my teens to keep themselves safe, and to monitor them in a healthy way. Trust but verify…

  8. I like the blue, but not really a big fan of any of them. I feel like the image needs to be larger. Have you tried mocking up a cover with an image as the whole page and using white block typography?

  9. I’d have to go with #2.

  10. I would go with red…it’s the colour of warning which I think applies for what you are writing about….I don’t like the layout at all….but as this is an ebook I don’t know if the same sort of thing applies like it does to “real” books

  11. 1St version- blue easier on the eyes

  12. Bonnie Anderson says:

    My favorite would be the red, but I think it needs a little work. Maybe it’s too busy or something. I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps the phone should show a text message. That might drive the point home.

  13. Joanna Hyatt says:

    I vote red! I like the larger image taking up more of the page. I would recommend finding an image with a phone that teens are using today (iphone, smart phone). This one seems a bit dated. And yes, this is a book I’d get AND recommend to the parents I work with!

  14. I’d go with the red, too, but I agree that I think it could be more effective with a text message on the phone instead of an image. My 2 cents. :-)

  15. Rob Swanson says:

    Red one, hands down. I supposed you’d need to check them in grey scale for us backward Nook and Kindle e-ink readers.

  16. You’ve got lots of great feedback here already. I agree – the red stands out and says “warning!” to me. Look forward to seeing the new versions.

  17. Red says danger, so I like the red and definitely a better phone image. This is a great ebook for parents. There is so much parents don’t know until there is trouble, or until their kids tell them many, many years later. Very excited for your project!

  18. The red “pops,” Tor. But as others have said, I’d pick a different image. Blackberries are going the way of the Dodo. Today’s teen is texting on a smartphone, or an iPod Touch.

  19. I like the red version. It really jumps out. Red is for warning. And that goes with the theme of your topic. Warning! Warning!

  20. Red, but a different image. Maybe a title with a text message in it (clean obviously) but that would draw attention. Something like 100 TXT tips 4 Ps, and then a title.

  21. Michelle Woodman says:

    I vote read — I like the layout and I agree with Joanna re: the type of phone featured in the cover image. And yes, I would read it, as well as recommend it to others.

  22. The red theme works for me. If it’s shocking, then it’s gotta be red. Need not add my token worth on the image cos I agree with Tammy and Jeff’s perspective. You got that already anyway. Well done!

  23. Go with the red. It looks alarming. The blue is too mellow and the yellow makes me think of one of those “_____ for Dummies” books. While you target audience may be dumb you don’t want them to know you know.

  24. Anna-Katharina says:

    Red is the most impacting. I agree with the comment Joanna made should be more modernised the phone but otherwise it looks great. Maybe a little closer to the hands shot. Also I would put an extra space between 101 and Troubling – it seems a little squashed

  25. hipmamamedia says:

    Red is great for a warning or alarm color, but its too much here and is overpowering the image. Make the image of the phone and hand larger and diminish the red to more of a border and lose the black bar. Also: update the phone so it is a smart phone/iphone and use a Helvetica font for your title as that is the iphone font. The image on the phone, a lovely tree with sunlight coming through, is peaceful and serene and at odds with the headline. Try an image with a text message or something that could be interpreted as a sexting image, but of course you need to be careful. Just hint. Also, it looks like a campfire scene behind the phone, which again is incongruent with the book’s title. However, if you enlarge the image or change for a more modern phone, that will take care of that. On the title itself, 101 Shocking & Troubling Teen Text Messages flows better than “Teenager Text Messages.” Since you use the word “teenager” in the sub-head you can get away with just saying Teen. I would place your headshot image in the bottom left (like you have in the yellow version). Our eye reads from left to right and so the current right hand placement detracts from the main image. You want the reader to focus on the phone and then drop down to the headshot. Lastly, have you thought of maybe using a knockout (cut out) of just the hands with the phone (with a subtle drop shadow) on a white background and the headline in red? I am envisioning it now and that would pop!

  26. hipmamamedia says:

    oops, meant the headshot should be in the bottom right hand side, like in the yellow. The current left-hand placement is what is detracting.

  27. localbizgeek says:

    I vote redesign, get away from the current base look…it doesn’t feel like a parenting book or guide. They feel more like a book I would find at Radio Shack with technical information.

  28. No offense, really no offense, but none of these look like they were done by a professional graphic artist. The cover is an important part of the book, and just like the words should be written by a professional writer, you owe it to your book to hire a professional designer to design it. Again, really no offense intended.

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