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Has iPad Finally Jumped the Shark?

Fonzie “Jumps the Shark” – Wikipedia

During the late 1970s and early 80s the most popular show on television was ABC’s “Happy Days.”

The Cunninghams and Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli were members of the family – until Fonzie jumped the shark – literally.

The phrase “jump the shark” relates to the episode during the series’ twilight when the cast went to Hawaii and the daredevil Fonzie had to water-ski jump over a shark tank for some contrived sense of honor.

After that point, critics and viewers all but abandoned the series.

I think iPad has finally “jumped the shark” with the introduction of its iPad-mini.

What I mean is that Apple and iPad have long led the way regarding innovation.

Apple perfected the tablet category but the introduction of the iPad-mini seems to be a too-late-defensive play against the smaller, less expensive and widely popular Kindle Fire.

While Amazon doesn’t share sales numbers – the Kindle continues to be its number one seller by a wide margin. That’s pretty impressive for the world’s largest online retailer.

Regardless of which device you use, the proliferation of eReaders is on the rise. Here’s an interesting infographic from the folks at Schools.com that looks at the trend.

Question: What’s your preferred eReader device – iPad, iPhone, Nook or Kindle?

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  1. Ricky Anderson says:

    I use the Kindle app on my iPad.

  2. We have a Kindle (black and white) that both my daughters love to use. We also have a Nexus 7 tablet we use for Bible time.

    I think the issue with Apple is that more people are beginning to realize it’s not going to be the same with Jobs gone. Yes, it’s not going to change the day after he died, but stuff like the Maps fiasco. Combine that with the fact that Apple is very picky about what’s in their market. Some people wonder if Google will be able to get their own Map app in. But as the competitors are doing more and more, and Apple proceeds with “We don’t think that’s ready yet”. Having a product line with just a few products that get updated once a year. A year is an eternity in tech time.

    People like choices. Yes, some people think the screen on some Android phones are too large, but some people like them. I think NFC has some real potential. Android phones are now outselling iPhones. Apple can’t have the arrogance anymore to say, “It [certain tech] will become when we declare it popular.” No, it’s going to be popular on it’s own, and Apple will have to follow along.

    If Apple would put its arrogance aside and just admit that some things are nicer and implement them, they would do much better.

  3. I have been holding a blog in abeyance for some time now. My consdierations that eReaders exist so that folks can read soft porn without anyone knowing they are doing so. Take a look at the “best sellers” of the cloud….

  4. I don’t know…I have both the first generation iPad and an iPad mini, and I have to say I like the mini best. (I’m a gen x’er so perhaps I’m biased.) The size is great, plus you get the benefit of the Apple app store.

  5. I recently bought a used Nook Color. I hag some visitors bring it down. I had it in hand ten seconds and started hacking it. I rooted it and loaded the full tilt Android 4.1.2 ROM. It runs as a full-featured Android tablet now and I love it. In fact I’m posting from it now. The 7in size is handy and the reader ability is unlimited. Not to shabby for an $80 second-hand device:-) > BTW with an SD slot I can add an extra 32gb.

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