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Halloween by the Numbers…

As a kid growing up, Halloween was second to Christmas as my favorite holiday.

For years, the idea of dressing up as the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin and getting free candy made me so anxious the night before that I couldn’t sleep.

As I grew older, my fandom of Halloween waned through my teen years and 20’s because of a near-blinding accident that occurred to me when I got hit in the eye by an egg that ruptured the iris in my left eye – no joke.

Since then I couldn’t care less about All Hallow’s Eve – that was until my wife and I had kids of our own.

Now it’s fun again for me, because it’s fun for them.

Whether you hate or love Halloween, I think you’ll find this infographic interesting from the U.S. Census Bureau which breaks down Halloween by the numbers.



Question: Do you take your kids trick or treating? Why or why not?

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  1. We never did. Not sure if we would if we had to do it over again. Probanly would do it at least slightly different.

  2. Wow- three Halloween posts. You ARE obsessed with this day! (It was my parent’s anniversary- they knew nothing of Halloween.)

  3. Really enjoyed the breakdown of numbers! I was one of the 72% — We gave out Halloween candy at my house on Beggar’s Night (yesterday evening). :)

  4. Roy, my one and only marriage took place on Halloween. When we were young and had no kids, we had to money to celebrate. So we would hide out on Halloween. When we got kids, I had to take them out while my now ex hid. I miss the excitement my kids worked themselves up to for Halloween and the fun places we would go. Now, I bought a little candy for the few kids who show up and I’ll wear something that looks like a costume to kids–my usual clothes.

    Thanks for the post, Tor. You got me going.

  5. Susabella says:

    Mom of five here. I’ve never been a fan of Halloween, and I think that influenced my desire of how to handle it with my kids. About 13 years ago, we started a family celebration that we called the Halloweenie Roast. It was usually in my parents’ backyard, and my dad would put together a treasure hunt for the kids. The kids could dress up or not as desired.

    Looking back, I see those family times as really sweet, and I love the memories we made. With a little bigger perspective now, I can see where we may have missed out on being able to be generous to kids who came to the door to trick-or-treat. We do not live in a neighborhood where trick-or-treaters even come. Many of the houses on our street are dark on Halloween, so it made a lot of sense to me to do something else.

    I know that we did the best we could, and had honorable motives in creating a sweet tradition that was outside of the norm. I don’t think my kids really feel like they missed out, but there is probably a little sense of that since they didn’t do what everyone else was doing.

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